Theo James’ 0%-Rated Movie Everyone Wishes to Forget About

Theo James’ 0%-Rated Movie Everyone Wishes to Forget About
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The road to success isn’t always easy.

Right now, it's impossible to find anything but praise for Theo James' acting. After the worldwide success of The Gentleman, which is still at the top of the Netflix TV rankings in half the world, critics and audiences are ready to crown James as the man of the season. But it hasn't always been this easy for him.

In fact, back in 2018, the actor's career hit rock bottom with one of the messiest thrillers of the XXI century, which landed at 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. And yes, the movie is just as bad as you can imagine.

Is London Fields Bad?

It's safe to say that London Fields is one of the biggest flops of 2018, considering not only its 0% critical score on Rotten Tomatoes, but also its box office gross of around $480,000 on a budget of $8 million. The story of how the film, with a strong cast full of celebrities and a talented crew behind it, managed to hit such a low is truly astonishing.

Based on the mystery novel London Fields by Martin Amis, directed by Mathew Cullen and written by both the author of the original story and Roberta Hanley, the casting directors did a great job inviting many celebrities.

Starting with Amber Heard in a lead role, to Theo James, Billy Bob Thornton, Jim Sturgess, Jaimie Alexander and Cara Delevingne, their joint promotion alone would have been enough to make even the worst of the movie. But the legal mess between the director, who had no control over the final cut, and the producers ruined the release.

Although Cullen was blamed for missing both deadlines for submitting his director's cut, the final version that ended up on screens was so blatantly bad that it would have been much better to wait. Critics destroyed the film, concluding that the novel was simply inappropriate, and no amount of popular actors could save it.

Amber Heard was nominated in the Worst Actress category at the 39th Golden Raspberry Awards for London Fields, but given the number and depth of the bad reviews, it's very unlikely that Heard's performance was the worst thing about the film.

London Fields is probably the last movie that any viewer will return to. However, if you are a determined Theo James fan and want to reach every dark corner of the actor's filmography, it may be the last boss you have to face. You can buy or rent the movie on Vudu, Amazon Prime Video or Apple TV.