The Truman Show Writer Hints at TV Adaptation: Should We Be Excited?

The Truman Show Writer Hints at TV Adaptation: Should We Be Excited?
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Do we need another sequel, even though the proposed idea looks promising?

In 1998, the sci-fi tragicomedy The Truman Show was released. It tells a story about a man whose life is broadcast on a reality show to the entire world, and he is the only one who does not know about it.

At first, few people believed in the movie's success, as the dystopian genre seemed too complicated for the mass audience. Nevertheless, the viewers appreciated the movie: with a budget of $60 million, it grossed $264 million.

Recently, the screenwriter of the movie, Andrew Niccol, admitted that there are discussions about the sequel of the film in the form of a musical or series.

The screenwriter himself has an idea for a sequel that will be a continuation of the original movie:

“In my version of a series, I thought it would be fun, if after Truman walked through the sky, the audience clamored for more (which you sense at the end of the film). I imagine there would be a network with multiple channels all starring a subject born on the show.”

According to Niccol's sketches, the show could be set in New York and center around a girl from the Upper East Side, a guy from Harlem, a boy from Chinatown, and so on.

Each of them would have their own channel and their own show, so they would never intersect. But they would meet anyway, and the guy and the girl would get drawn to each other because they would find the only people who were not acting.

Niccol also shared that in the second season, the Network would do everything possible to interfere with their relationship.

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The Truman Show was one of the first projects to question the reality of the world we live in. A year later, the cult movie The Matrix was made on the same theme. But from a philosophical and artistic point of view, the first one proved to be more convincing.

Soon after the release of the movie, the whole world was literally obsessed with all kinds of reality shows of different quality and content, but the essence was the same: to watch the characters non-stop in real time.

In other words, The Truman Show was exactly what the viewers wanted. The theme proved to be so promising that series began to be made on the same principle.

For example, the popular series Lost was more like a reality show than a series. As a result, the phenomenon of "life on display" has spawned many stars, from Kim Kardashian to Kylie Jenner.

Source: ScreenRant