'The Sandman': Will There be a Johanna Constantine Spinoff?

'The Sandman': Will There be a Johanna Constantine Spinoff?
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With 'The Sandman' enjoying worldwide success on Netflix, the possibility of expanding the universe is right there.

Jenna Coleman's Johanna Constantine has easily placed herself on top of the list of fans' favorite characters in 'The Sandman ', arguably beating Lord Morpheus himself. Which is why a lot of people are now demanding a separate show that is dedicated to the exorcist alone – and they enjoy support from none other than Neil Gaiman, the series creator, who stated on Twitter that fans "are not alone in this thought."

"Anybody who has seen "Sandman" Episode 3 has sidled over to us at some point or other in the last six months and said, "Do you think there's any possibility that we could do a Johanna Constantine show with Jenna Coleman?" And, oh my God, she's a star and you just want to see her going through battling demons and destroying other people's lives. So that's in there, too. We can keep going on this for a long time to come," Gaiman told Variety, elaborating on the spinoff prospects for Jenna Coleman's character.

Aside from fans who are hailing Coleman's performance in 'The Sandman' and demand more of the character, several reviews from critics also highlighted the possibility of Johanna Constantine landing her own show.

A spinoff could be a breath of fresh air after multiple screen adaptations that Johanna's descendant, John Constantine, has already received. The character was portrayed by Keanu Reeves in a 2005 movie, which was a step away from the comic canon but still a big hit. Then, Matt Ryan played a more comic-accurate version of John, rocking the iconic trench coat and blonde hair. The NBC TV series premiered in 2014, but only landed one season.

Now, the success of 'The Sandman' in general and Johanna Constantine, in particular, might secure Jenna Coleman more screen time for exploring her take on the exorcist. Clearly, the idea has caused a lot of buzz – something that Netflix is unlikely to leave unnoticed. However, the platform is yet to provide updates on the future of 'The Sandman' itself, let alone the possible Johanna Constantine spinoff.

Should the spinoff get its green light, it will have to compete against the upcoming HBO Max show dedicated to John Constantine – which, despite a recent slew of cancellations by Warner Bros., is reportedly "on solid ground and moving along". Copyright issues were the reason Netflix couldn't use Hellblazer in 'The Sandman', with the character belonging to Warner Bros. and DC. However, we wouldn't be too quick to say that Coleman's Johanna won't make a decent competition for HBO Max's John – whoever is set to portray him.