The Office: 10 Best Halloween Costumes You Can DIY

The Office: 10 Best Halloween Costumes You Can DIY
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It's a really, really good time to show off your craft skills.

Halloween is the perfect time to let your creativity run wild, and what better place to find inspiration than The Office? The popular TV show is full of quirky and hilarious costume ideas that don't require a lot of work or materials.

If you're in the mood to channel your inner Dunder Mifflin employee, here are 10 of the best DIY costume ideas inspired by the show.

10. MacGruber

In the seventh season Halloween episode, Costume Contest, Michael dresses up as MacGruber, who originated from a recurring SNL sketch as a satirical take on MacGyver, known for his bomb-disposing clumsiness.

Unlike the original character, MacGruber is petulant, stubborn, and emotionally unstable, which often hinders his attempts to defuse bombs. So basically, in this episode, Michael is not being Michael and saying the wrong thing, as you might think, he is just someone who could have actually been his twin in real life.

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9. Two-Headed Michael

Michael's costumes are typically a mixed bag, but his second head costume from the very first Dunder Mifflin Scranton Halloween stands out as a weird and entertaining choice. It perfectly captures Michael's character's penchant for attention and self-centeredness, as the papier-mache head, which closely resembles his own head, serves as a humorous take on his self-absorption.

But we advise you not to wear a two-headed costume when making tough decisions. Don't follow Michael's mistakes.

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8. Three Hole Punch Jim

In The Office's first Halloween episode, Jim Halpert displays his trademark sarcasm with a brilliantly minimalist costume. He creates an amusing yet simple outfit that is the epitome of minimalism with a dash of humor, adorned with just three black paper circles on his shirt.

This costume is sure to get a lot of attention, but be aware that it may also be an unintentional source of annoyance and overshadowing for your Dwight.

7. Just Toby

Nellie's Toby costume in the show's final season stands out, even if Toby's character development wasn't a fan favorite arc. Her decision to dress as a sexier version of Toby is a humorous way to deal with his creepy behavior towards her.

Grab an old tweed suit from your closet, put on a white shirt and red tie, and practice your best Toby-style mumble to transform into the HR representative everyone loves to hate. But beware, there is a high risk of falling in love with your reflection.

6. The Joker

Season 5's Employee Transfer is notable for humorously reflecting a trend of dressing up as Batman 's greatest enemy. At the time, many people were disguising themselves as the Joker, and the episode cleverly highlighted this trend by showing three characters dressed as him at once.

Throw on a three-piece suit, add your mom's makeup, and you're ready to go. But be prepared for someone to steal your spotlight, and don't get too mad because we've already seen how it ends.The Office: 10 Best Halloween Costumes You Can DIY - image 3

5. Lady Gaga

Gabe's Lady Gaga costume is a standout moment in Season 7 that perfectly captures his eccentric character. It reflects his quirky and somewhat creepy personality while highlighting his misguided attempts to fit in with the office culture.

This costume choice will add a humorous touch, especially when juxtaposed with your attempts at serious leadership in a room full of people.

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4. Really, Really Good Timing

Creed Bratton's costumes in The Office always steal the spotlight, and the last Halloween episode, where he attends the party covered in red paint or something that looks like blood, is no exception.

Still no clue if it was real blood or just another Creed's seizure that played perfectly along the Halloween party, but if you don't have much time just splash some watercolors on your clothes, act crazy, and tell everyone about a really really good timing.

3. Charlie Chaplin

Pam's homage to the silent film era with a Charlie Chaplin-inspired costume stands out for its relatable awkwardness. While none of her New York colleagues followed the holy tradition of Halloween masquerade, Pam's commitment to the role, complete with grease paint and dyed hair, remains one of the best.

Don a bowler hat, toothbrush mustache, and classic suit for an effortlessly recognizable look. But under no circumstances take off your hat unless you want to be mistaken for another notorious historical figure.

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2. D*ck in A Box

In the Season 6 cold open Koi Pond, the employees of Dunder Mifflin Scranton set up a haunted warehouse for Halloween, where Michael's disturbing suicide simulation, in which he appeared to hang himself before teaching the kids a life lesson, caused significant viewer backlash.

The scene was removed from subsequent airings and releases due to its offensive and inappropriate content. The controversy stemmed from the portrayal of suicide, and even Michael's well-prepared D*ck in a Box costume from SNL couldn't save the day.

1. The Scranton Strangler

The Scranton Strangler remains one of The Office's most enduring mysteries, with several theories pointing to Toby Flenderson, Creed Bratton, or David Wallace as potential suspects.

This mysterious figure is only seen once on the show when Dwight Schrute dresses up as the Scranton Strangler during the Season 7 Costume Contest episode and playfully pretends to target Jim Halpert as his next victim. Why not try on the costume of someone who had been giving the entire Scranton brunch shivers for years?

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