The Most Controversial Sitcom of 2000s Is Coming to Netflix Next Month

The Most Controversial Sitcom of 2000s Is Coming to Netflix Next Month
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Some are still not over from the finale.

Though the sitcom genre had its renaissance back in the 2000s, when people were glued to their screens to watch another episode of Friends or The Office, there are still a few shows that rival them.

From the supernatural comedy Ghosts to the recently completed Big Bang Theory prequel Young Sheldon, there are enough shows to keep everyone entertained. However, if you tend to dislike the newer shows and think the humor is mostly lost these days, Netflix has a great surprise for you. Just watch out for the ending of this series.

How Did How I Met Your Mother End?

The CBS sitcom hit premiered in 2005 and ran for 9 seasons, ending in 2014. The show followed the main character, Ted Mosby, as he told his children a long and twisted story about how he met their mother in his youth. Though the answer may have seemed obvious throughout the show, the finale left everyone speechless.

With the support of 4 of his most loyal friends, Ted went through many ups and downs in life, as did his group of friends. However, none of this seemed to matter to the writers, who created a whole new narrative at the end of Season 9 and pretty much discarded everything that came before.

Without getting into spoilers, the finale of How I Met Your Mother was so controversial that the studio had to release a second version to appease an angry audience. While that didn't change the huge betrayal they initially felt from the writing room, it somehow salvaged the overall impression of the show. To this day, the sitcom is considered a classic.

The show has an 84% rating on Rotten Tomatoes from both viewers and critics, and has been nominated for 91 awards throughout its run, showing the overall positive reception of the story.

How I Met Your Mother on Netflix

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Luckily for those who loved How I Met Your Mother before or have always wanted to watch the iconic show but never had the chance, it will be added to the Netflix library next month. The streamer will make all 9 seasons of the show available at once, making it the perfect late-night binge.

Be sure to tune in to Netflix on June 3 to not miss the release of 208 episodes of How I Met Your Mother.