The Marvels' Fate Is Sealed as IMAX Screen-Blocks the Movie for Dune 2

The Marvels' Fate Is Sealed as IMAX Screen-Blocks the Movie for Dune 2
Image credit: Marvel Studios, Warner Bros.

We’re yet to learn whether Brie Larson will have the same type of meltdown as Tom Cruise had over Oppenheimer blocking his M:I7, but we very much doubt it.

There’s no doubt that The Marvels will be a huge success — especially if you ignore the huge superhero fatigue of the audience and the utter failure of most latest movies in this genre. In other words, we’re very much not sure if releasing yet another superhero project in 2023 is the right move, but Marvel will be Marvel.

Apart from the audience’s obvious exhaustion from the insane superhero bombardment of the past few years, there are one too many things that can go wrong with a project of such scale. Marvel is as strong as ever, mind you, and it’s always ready to pour crazy money into its movies — but that’s not everything.

Commerce-wise, there’s a serious threat to The Marvels’ box office success, and this threat suspiciously looks like Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya. While Brie Larson’s new movie is set to release on November 10, Dune: Part II will come out a week prior, on November 3, and IMAX already has its priorities set straight.

"There's another great movie coming out around that time, which is The Marvels from Marvel, and we can't play it because we are committed to Dune. [If Dune 2 moves its release, our screens] will just go over to The Marvels, and having a Marvel movie as a backup is not the worst position to be in," IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond said on the company’s earnings call.

Apparently, IMAX wants to give all its screens exclusively to Dune: Part II for a really long time — approximately, 5 to 6 weeks. This effectively means that The Marvels will have to do without IMAX screens at all…unless Dune 2 decides to move its release date due to the SAG strike rules banning actors from promoting movies.

This, however, is unlikely to happen, and the IMAX CEO is convinced that Chalamet and Zendaya will appear on their screens early this November. Fortunately, Brie Larson’s new movie has the entire power of Marvel to back it up, so we don’t expect the actress to throw a Cruise-like tantrum over being “robbed of her screens.”

Source: ComicBook