The Idol: Does Alexa Demie Play Maddy From Euphoria?

The Idol: Does Alexa Demie Play Maddy From Euphoria?
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There were many stars in the series, but the appearance of this actress was the cause of the most questions.

Recently, the first episode of the most controversial recent series The Idol, from Euphoria creator Sam Levinson, was released.

The show tells the story of a young pop singer who is suffering from the aftermath of a nervous breakdown due to the cancellation of a tour.

She meets a nightclub owner and leader of a mysterious cult who shows her the dark side of the music industry.

Even before the series was released, it was clear to everyone from the trailers that the new show would be the embodiment and expression of Sam Levinson's style.

After the release of the first episode, it became clear that The Idol was not only filmed in the same paradigm as Euphoria, but goes even further.

The show contains both a passion for self-destruction and a persistent attempt to shock the viewer with taboo subjects.

However, it turns out that these two series are not only united by one director and style, but also by one universe. Sam Levinson admitted that both Euphoria and The Idol exist in the same world.

A little later, it was announced that Alexa Demie, the actress who played Maddy in Euphoria, will play in The Idol.

Of course, this fact could not help but raise the question of whether Demie's role is Maddy once again. Alexa appears in the first episode in the club scene where she dances with choreographer Dyanne, portrayed by Blackpink 's Jennie.

However, Alexa's appearance on screen is so brief that it is not clear if this is really Maddy performing. So far, everything points to the fact that Demie is most likely still playing Maddy.

With confirmed proof that the two shows are in the same universe, and with Levinson's usual attention to detail, it would be odd of him to add one of Euphoria's most popular actresses to his other high-profile project without any subtext.

In addition, it was recently announced that the timeline of Euphoria will move forward several years in the third season, so the characters will no longer be tied to the school, and Maddy may well be somewhere in Los Angeles.

Also, Alexa's character looks a lot like the way a slightly older Maddy would dress.

Fans can only hope that Alexa Demie's character will still appear in the series to answer this question directly. The second episode of The Idol will air on June 11.