The Hobbit Trilogy Will Never Be Another LotR, Fans Say

The Hobbit Trilogy Will Never Be Another LotR, Fans Say
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The Lord of the Rings prequel did not have the same success as the movie about Frodo and the Ring. And now audiences are trying to figure out why.

The Hobbit was not a flop, some viewers and critics liked it, and the studios were quite pleased with the box office. However, the movie failed to achieve the earlier love of Peter Jackson's first trilogy.

While there are those who try to defend the movie about Bilbo, Redditor Willpower2000 has outlined many reasons that have affected the quality of the adaptation of Tolkien's work.

First, viewers don't like the way Peter Jackson exaggerated the story, which was originally about a burglar trying to rob a dragon.

The main idea of the book is a story about the consequences of greed. But the filmmakers took Tolkien's concept and turned it into a vendetta between Thorin and Azog, a pale orc who leads a hunt for dwarves. Sauron's servant's pursuit of the heir to the Lonely Mountain flows from movie to movie, though it doesn't add anything substantial to the narrative.

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The Redditor also notes the love triangle between Legolas, Tauriel, and Kili. While it is understandable that the studio blockbuster could hardly do without a romantic storyline, many fans were left unhappy with the behavior of the Elven Prince, who was one of the best characters in The Lord of the Rings.

Some viewers were appalled by the visuals. According to the fan, the design of Azog and Bolg looks very cheap. And the rejuvenated face of Legolas and his stunts just make you not want to watch the movie.

One of the main scenes in the book, in which the dwarves escape their imprisonment in barrels, has been turned into a horribly staged spectacle. The Elven Prince, along with Tauriel, jumps over the heads of the mountain creatures, and it looks really weird and cheesy.

But one of the biggest flaws is Thorin's abrupt transformation into a madman. The king under the mountain just becomes jealous and suspicious. In the book, the character has a more articulate motivation that sheds light on his condition. In the movie, however, Oakenshield simply went crazy, betrayed his friends, and then paid for it with his life.

Source: Reddit