The Flash Final Season Had to Change One Crucial Scene Due to COVID

The Flash Final Season Had to Change One Crucial Scene Due to COVID
Image credit: The CW

This year marks the end of one of the greatest TV's (multi)universes as The Flash, the last remaining Arrowverse show, comes to a conclusion.

The Flash 's swan song, its ninth season, might just have revealed what is the only thing that could bring the fastest man alive to a halt. And the answer is... Covid.

Grant Gustin, an actor behind TV's Barry Allen a.k.a. The Flash on the hit the CW show, recently revealed that he had contracted Covid-19, and while he has since recovered, the production of the show's final season has slowed down due to the pandemic.

This ironic turn of events has shown that there is in fact something that can slow the Flash down.

Gustin revealed to TVLine that after he got coronavirus, the Flash team had to "readjust story and readjust production."

The ongoing final season of The Flash is slated to see a slew of familiar faces from the franchise. One in particular is Zoom played by Teddy Sears.

According to Gustin, there was initially a scene planned that would have seen him and Sears performing together, something Grant Gustin was eagerly anticipating.

But after the actor behind the Flash got Covid, the scene had to be readjusted leaving Gustin out of it. That's something Gustin sorely laments.

The Flash has always been known for its dynamic action sequences, heartwarming character moments and a strong sense of urgency that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

But the urgency behind the scenes proved to be prone to the real-life pandemic.

Luckily, even Covid wasn't strong enough to totally stop the fastest man alive, as the production of the series went on.

Soon fans will witness Grant Gustin quite literally hanging his superhero suit for good, after his whopping 184-episode run as the Flash. And boy, what a thrilling ride it was.