The Complete List of All the Taylor Sheridan TV Shows Ever Made

The Complete List of All the Taylor Sheridan TV Shows Ever Made
Image credit: Paramount+

Less than a decade ago, no one but movie buffs had heard of Taylor Sheridan, but the now-iconic screenwriter was already considered a major rising star.

Sheridan's first produced script, Sicario, proved to be a huge hit, and the writer instantly became one of the best writers in the game, which led to him signing a deal with Paramount + and writing the first season of Yellowstone for the streaming service in 2018.

Here's our full guide to Sheridan's TV shows!

As you can see, Sheridan is quite enamored with the USA as a subject, and his scripts focus mostly on American history, the Wild West, and special operations.

And he's absolutely great at what he does - his scripts are well researched and realistically written, but still feel like a work of fiction, which makes him stand out more among his contemporaries with similar interests.

It's no wonder that Paramount + execs decided to hire Sheridan as the head writer for their streaming platform, not only agreeing to turn Yellowstone into a full-blown franchise, but giving him full creative freedom to write, produce and direct whatever he wants.

Even though the fifth season of Yellowstone proved to be a bit soapy, Sheridan still manages to keep his fans excited, and is gearing up to return with new seasons of his shows in 2024.

Here are all the Sheridan-verse shows mentioned: Yellowstone (2018), 1923 (2022), 1883 (2021), Mayor of Kingstown (2021), Tulsa King (2022), Special Ops: Lioness (2023), The Last Cowboy (2019), Lawmen: Bass Reeves (2023), 6666 (TBA)