'The Boys' Fan Theory Suggests a Huge Ryan Butcher Twist

'The Boys' Fan Theory Suggests a Huge Ryan Butcher Twist
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Homelander might want to be extra careful with his son.

After the sinister smile that Ryan Butcher gave at the end of 'The Boys ' season 3, few people believe that the teenage superhero will remain as innocent as he was. However, while many fans have already declared Ryan the next villain, others think there might be more to Homelander's son than meets the eye.

A fan theory on Reddit suggests that Ryan might in fact be planning an uprising against his father. Given that he is essentially the only one comparable to Homelander in terms of powers, the boy might use some time by his father's side to train and then defeat him.

Thus, the final battle of the show might be between Ryan and Homelander.

This, however, does not necessarily mean that Ryan will not turn into a villain – perhaps, he will turn out even more aggressive and narcissistic than his father.

Many fans think that such an outcome is quite plausible.

"I could be down with this theory. He has been living with Grace, who we know is willing to manipulate emotions in her quest for vengeance. She could have been grooming Ryan to be a "sleeper agent" of sorts." – /pikameta

Others, however, argue that it might be a little bit of a stretch, given that there has been no implications to Ryan plotting something against his father yet. After all, the plan does seem too devious for a small kid to carry out.

Still, 'The Boys' has been doing a great job surprising fans all along; so chances are that the upcoming season 4 has a lot of shocking twists up its sleeve.