The 10 Best Horror Movies With Zero Character Deaths

The 10 Best Horror Movies With Zero Character Deaths
Image credit: Legion-Media

You won't find a more violent movie genre than horror. Tons of blood, gruesome mutilations, and unnatural deaths have been part of the genre since its inception, and the formula isn't changing anytime soon.

However, there are horror movies without deaths, and some of them are really great!

Even though the majority of horror fans don't really mind seeing characters get brutally killed off - after all, that's what scary movies have been doing for almost a century - some horror aficionados complain about the inherent violence of the movies.

Fortunately, there are movies like "The Babadook" and "The Conjuring, " whose directors use the iconic horror tropes (jump scares, dread, home invasions) without making them cheap and without killing off dozens of characters.

All of the above movies are great horror experiments. They are completely outside the genre, and in a good way - they constantly subvert the viewer's expectations, refusing to shed blood even when it seems logical and inevitable. You can only applaud a director who had the courage to pitch a producer a horror movie without deaths, right?

If you've always been drawn to horror movies, but couldn't stand all the people dying - then the 10 movies listed above will surely appeal to you!