Teen Wolf: The Movie Did Arden Cho Dirty Not Once, But Twice Already

Teen Wolf: The Movie Did Arden Cho Dirty Not Once, But Twice Already
Image credit: MTV

Can the Teen Wolf comeback get any worse?

With Arden Cho 's Kira Yukimura not being a part of Teen Wolf: The Movie, fans thought nothing could trigger them at this point, but it turns out that just one character had to return to re-ignite the storm.

As the Nogitsune arc appears to be officially confirmed in a new still for the movie (with the demon creeping behind Crystal Reed's Allison), fans went ballistic over how Teen Wolf did Cho dirty once again.

First, the show refused to pay her the same salary as her co-stars received (, and now, the upcoming movie brings back the storyline which is tied with Cho's character more than with anyone's else.

"I haven't forgotten about how they refused to give Arden Cho the same amount of money as her white costars, even though they are planning to reuse the Nogitsune storyline taken from Japanese mythology. They can profit of Asian mythology but can't even respect their Asian actress," outraged Twitter user i94files said of the Nogitsune return.

The Nogitsune was tied to Kira Yukimura and her family, and now the movie seems to just sweep the character under the rug, according to angry fans. The arc makes no sense without the Yukimura family, they believe, or at least without Dylan O'Brien's Stiles Stilinski, who fell victim to the Nogitsune in Season 3B.

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Many people have already threatened to boycott the upcoming movie alltogether, with the Nogitsune comeback further alienating fans who feel it is yet another sign of disrespect to Cho. They feel (and are very vocal about it on social media) that bringing back the Nogitsune after firing Arden Cho from the show and then refusing to offer her equal pay to secure her return to the movie is just "ugly".

According to fans, the only proper Nogitsune storyline has already been done in Season 3B, and the movie will never live up to that standard, especially without Kira and Stiles.

Teen Wolf: The Movie will premiere on January 26, 2023 on Paramount Plus.