TBBT Spinoff Idea Could Finally Make Things Clear About Sheldon’s Biggest Personal Achievement

TBBT Spinoff Idea Could Finally Make Things Clear About Sheldon’s Biggest Personal Achievement
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The character’s journey shouldn’t take that much of an effort for nothing.

Young Sheldon ’s seven-season run came to its official end several weeks ago, wrapping Sheldon Cooper’s story up with quite a happy ending, but one thing about the character’s future didn’t seem to be just right.

With Jim Parsons’ Sheldon giving a sweet update on his life with Amy Farah Fowler and mentioning his two kids, The Big Bang Theory franchise now appears to have a very unlikely, yet excellent idea for another spinoff, and in this case Sheldon’s big controversial moment could finally get an explanation.

Having initially appeared on the original show, adult Sheldon quickly garnered lots of love from the series’ fans, though there were still so many reasons to consider him extremely annoying. Ever since The Big Bang Theory’s season 1, the character could easily leave the viewers dumbfounded by his self-centeredness, condescending attitude towards those who deeply cared for him, infantile behavior, and mere indifference to the needs and desires of others.

Still, the show’s final season gives Sheldon a huge update by finally letting him recognize the significant role his best friends play in his life and the fact that one doesn’t necessarily need to be just as genius as Sheldon to become the latter’s beloved one, things that Sheldon addresses while accepting a Nobel Prize alongside his wife Amy.

Though the original show gave a perfect closure to Sheldon and his quirky nature, The Big Bang Theory prequel, Young Sheldon, seems to have given a sinister update about this whole matter.

The show’s finale features Sheldon mentioning that his son Leonard is into hockey and his unnamed daughter just expressed her interest in taking acting classes, with both of them surely stepping away from science and not following their father’s suit, which appears to be something that Sheldon himself doesn’t approve of.

If the character’s children are indeed potentially criticized by their parent for their career choices, then The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon just got all that big development for nothing, though there’s only one possible spinoff that could right this wrong.

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Given that Young Sheldon makes it clear that most of the original characters ended up having kids (except for Raj whose personal life has zero updates), The Big Bang Theory spinoff revolving around the storylines of Sheldon, Leonard and Howard’s children would have some chances to finally address their parents’ big mysteries, especially the one that has something to do with Sheldon’s relationship with his offsprings.

Though such an option would definitely get a lot of hype from the original show’s fans, the franchise is very unlikely to dive deeper into Sheldon’s future as now it’s turning all the attention to the character’s past.