TBBT Most Underrated Character Actually Had Better Storyline Than Sheldon

TBBT Most Underrated Character Actually Had Better Storyline Than Sheldon
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Yet the show still betrayed her in the worst way possible.

Throughout its TV run of more than a decade, The Big Bang Theory has been proving that its lead characters’ bright minds deserved being recognised and thus provided significant updates for all of them, with Sheldon and Amy even getting a Nobel Prize for their research in the final season’s ending.

Still, even with Sheldon being the whole series’ lead that presumably got the best ending for his story that he could ever wish for, his storyline is far from being as progressive and abundant as that of one of his friends, who ironically ended up in the worst position the creators could come up with.

Introduced simultaneously with Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj, Penny was initially supposed to be nothing more but a mere side character whose simplicity and naivety would arrive in a striking contrast with Sheldon and his friends’ scientific brilliance.

However, Penny was quick to prove that she was much more than that and, despite her seemingly innocent and hopeless dream of becoming a prominent actress in Hollywood, she was still able to take up different jobs, eventually becoming a successful sales rep and making even more money than her husband Leonard.

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Apart from that, Penny has completely debunked prejudices regarding her promiscuous behavior and the suggestion that she was in fact stupid, just some of the things that Sheldon never said outright, yet constantly implied.

Though Penny never felt like she belonged in spheres that required her ability to be highly intelligent, she still made it clear that in some ways she was far more shrewd and sharp than Sheldon or any of his extremely smart friends.

Though The Big Bang Theory eventually gave Penny a relatively good (yet still questionable) closure making her come a long way from being a waitress to turning into a successful industry woman, she still never got a chance to fulfill her biggest goals in life since she was forced to quit acting and then become a family person after getting pregnant in the final season.

Years after The Big Bang Theory finale, Penny’s storyline now appears to be something that got the best development until several last seasons came around, and even a potential spinoff about her further life won’t be able to make it up to her after such a long series of audacious mistakes.