Sylvester Stallone Was Basically Forced To Do Spy Kids 3 (For One Adorable Reason)

Sylvester Stallone Was Basically Forced To Do Spy Kids 3 (For One Adorable Reason)
Image credit: Double R Productions

With the Spy Kids reboot on the way, let's remember the classics.

The Spy Kids franchise by Robert Rodriguez is a core memory for many of us. We don't know about you, but we still remember Carmen Cortez' full name by heart (because it's such a useful password after all!).

While the first movie, released in 2001, told the story of how Juni and Carmen even became involved with the OSS spy agency, the sequels went on to cover their adventures on a remote island with mutant animals and even inside of a video game created by a crazy inventor craving to take over the world.

Oh, about the latter — that very crazy inventor was portrayed by Sylvester Stallone, who basically had no other choice but to take the offer. All because of his kids being massive fans of the franchise.

"I went to my kids and said, “Hey, they offered me “Spy Kids 3″‘ and right away there was a celebration in the house unlike any I had ever heard before," Stallone told The Morning Call. "So “Spy Kids,’ yes, I had to do it. Otherwise I would have been disowned by my 6-year-old."

According to Stallone, his kids would call him every day, asking him what he had done on set and demanding some souvenirs. We hope that their father being the villain did not ruin it all for them!

Stallone's character was the one who trapped Alexa Vega's Carmen and Daryl Sabara's Juni in the video game called Game Over. However, the spy duo quickly thwarted his evil plans.

Well, now Spy Kids are about to be back on our screens, even though it's unclear whether Stallone's evil genius will ever return again. Netflix has announced the reboot of the legendary franchise, titled Armageddon and set to premiere on September 22 — apparently, the reboot has been filming in secrecy all this time.

How very clandestine, Netflix spies!