Subtle Scream Hints That Give Ghostfaces Away a Little Too Soon

Subtle Scream Hints That Give Ghostfaces Away a Little Too Soon
Image credit: Miramax, Paramount Pictures

Always pay attention to what they wear.

When revisiting Wes Craven's cult-classic slasher franchise, some eagle-eyed viewers may be able to spot subtle clues that give away the true identity of the Ghostfaces a little bit earlier than intended.

Here are subtle clues from each Scream installment that offer early insight into the Ghostface Killers' true nature.

Billy and Stu’s Boots — Scream

Ghostface's signature costume includes a black hooded robe with draped sleeves for an authentic and spooky look, a classic Ghostface mask, and massive boots. In the original Scream movie, during the fountain scene, Billy and Stu are the only people wearing massive black boots, giving the audience a clue about their true identities.

Ghostface Killer may have time to put on a robe and mask, but why bother constantly tying and untying your shoes?

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Mickey’s Obsessive Nature — Scream 2

From the very beginning, Mickey's obsessive tendencies show several worrying signs around his character. Mickey's presence with a camera during key events, such as the press conference, reflects Ghostface's habit of recording victims before attacking them.

Furthermore, Cici's fate suggests a connection to Mickey, as she becomes Ghostface's next victim after insulting him in their film class, which may have triggered his highly explosive nature.

Roman’s Voice — Scream 3

Roman's conversation with Sarah on the phone, just before he switches to the voice of Ghostface and kills her in the end, is one of the most chilling moments in Scream 3. The scene creates an unsettling atmosphere by tricking the audience into thinking that the voice changer has Roman's voice.

However, upon closer viewing, it becomes crystal clear that Roman is, in fact, having a direct conversation with her, adding an extra layer of creepiness to the scene.

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Jill’s Phone — Scream 4

During the scene where Olivia is being attacked, Jill holds her phone up to the window and records Olivia dying, confirming one of her motives: to continue the Stab franchise. She also turns out to be the only one who doesn't check her phone during the classroom scene, when everyone gets texted about Marnie and Jenny's murders.

This means that since Jill might already know what happened, she doesn't need to confirm the messages.

Richie’s Far-Fetched Ignorance — Scream 5

Richie's extreme ignorance of everything Stab-related seems a bit overdramatic, considering the fact that he is Ghostface's number one fan. Also, Richie's apparent starstruck reaction when he sees Dewey in person, despite his professed lack of knowledge about the Stab movies, seems to be more of a facade, suggesting that Richie may actually have some prior knowledge or connection to the events surrounding the Woodsboro massacre.

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There Is No Quinn’s Body — Scream 6

In a new wave of Ghostface murders, Detective Bailey and his children, Quinn and Ethan, are at the center of the action. As soon as Quinn tells Tara about her late brother, it becomes too obvious that this information is not given to the audience for no reason.

Moreover, the Scream franchise always shows Ghosface's victims struggling in all their glory before they are killed, but all we get from Quinn's murder is the body falling onto Anika. The real horror fans will never buy this scam.