Stranger Things Trolls Itself By Recalling One Huge Plot Hole

Stranger Things Trolls Itself By Recalling One Huge Plot Hole
Image credit: Netflix

So when is Will Byers' birthday after all?

Even the greatest shows are not immune to plot holes, but turning fan dissatisfaction with inconsistencies into goodwill can be done with just one joke, something the creators of Stranger Things seem to know.

In season two, Joyce says that Will's birthday is March 22. In season four, the date of March 22 is shown, but no one celebrates Will's birthday.

At first, fans of the show thought it was a hidden Easter egg from the writers. Could they really have forgotten such a significant date?

Mike arrives at his girlfriend El's house exactly on March 22nd — Will's birthday.

After that, Noah Schnapp 's character walks around very gloomy and upset, the fans compared the two facts and decided that the lovers simply forgot the birthday of their best friend.

In an interview with Variety, the show's creators, the Duffer Brothers, said they didn't want to add any extra meaning to the situation.

As a result, the writers will likely redo one of the scenes in the second season in which the character's mother refers to March 22 as the boy's birthday.

May 22 will become a new birthday date – in this way the authors will repeat the trick of George Lucas in Star Wars, when he changed the character's voice after filming.

According to the Duffer Brothers, they chose this date because it worked well with how Joyce's lips moved when she said the original date. They also turned George Lucas' name into a verb and it sounds just cool.

"So that would be us George Lucas-ing the situation," Matt Duffer said.

However, it is naïve to think that viewers would forget this plot hole, which has already become an inside joke among fans of the series. Even the writers have admitted it. On March 22, the Stranger Things writers' Twitter account posted the following:

"Is there anything important about today? Woke up feeling like there was but can't remember."

Well, nice catch there. Unlike the creators of the show and the characters, the fans remember such an important date very well and took the opportunity to congratulate their beloved hero.

Happy birthday, Will! Fans wish the showrunners will never ever forget your big day again and throw the biggest birthday party in season 5.