Stranger Things Cast Isn't as Tight-Knit as You Think, Finn Wolfhard Spills the Beans

Stranger Things Cast Isn't as Tight-Knit as You Think, Finn Wolfhard Spills the Beans
Image credit: Netflix

When Stranger Things first hit our screens in 2016, its young cast of pre-teens were thrown together in what was to become Netflix's most-watched original series.

In the most recent season, we saw the likes of Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown ), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) and Will (Noah Schnapp ) confront a new and dangerous villain Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower ). Now, as the teens approach adulthood, it's safe to say they've spent the vast majority of their formative years together. So how are their relationships?

The Stranger Things teens don't text everyday

It's easy to imagine that growing up collectively throughout their adolescence would bring about strong relationships between the cast members. Yet, according to Wolfhard, the group isn't "on everyday-text vibes in any way."

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Many of the show's audience, particularly younger teens who are glued to their phones, might think this odd.

However, Finn went on to clarify saying it was a family relationship, saying, "Do you text your cousins every day? Probably not. They're our family. We'll talk on each other's birthdays. We'll talk once in a while. But in the same way family works, if I ever needed anything, they're there."

With everyone now working out where their careers are going to take them while also entering adulthood, it's certainly no surprise that they're not all in each other's pockets day in and day out.

On texting Winona Ryder

During the same GQ interview, Wolfhard also talked about what it was like to text Winona Ryder, who plays Joyce Byers in Stranger Things. By all accounts, Ryder is known to text and then not respond to any replies. I'm sure everyone knows someone like that but it's funny when you know someone as famous as Winona Ryder does it too!

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On friendships and panic attacks

Despite not texting every day, it's clear to see that the Stranger Things co-stars have an unbreakable bond. Finn Wolfhard is honest about experiencing panic attacks and has even experienced them while filming. When referencing this and his co-stars' responses, Wolfhard commented, "Gaten and Caleb, we're for life. Bonded for life."

All fans know that Season 5 will be Stranger Things's last. As we all know by now, the teens can expect to be tested to the limit once more. What will we see them up against this time? A few deaths, perhaps? What we do know is that this final season is likely to cement the cast members' relationships for life.