Stranger Things and The Whale Are Similar in a Way Your Heart is Not Ready For

Stranger Things and The Whale Are Similar in a Way Your Heart is Not Ready For
Image credit: Legion-Media

A certain actress from both projects appears to be consistent in a sweetest way possible.

There is a thing about Sadie Sink and the actress that is chosen to portray her younger selves. Both in Stranger Things and in The Whale, Sink's little version was played by... the actress' own young sister Jacey.

Jacey portrayed the younger version of Sadie's Stranger Things character, Max Mayfield. Similarly, she appears in the new movie where Sadie stars alongside Brendan Fraser, The Whale.

Fans immediately joked about how Sadie makes her little sister "a nepotism baby", even though they quickly add that this is the most adorable way to do that. Others noted that having Stranger Things and The Whale on one's acting portfolio at such a young age (Jacey is 12 years old) is a great way to start a career.

So far, Jacey has only appeared in the two projects alongside her older sister, but it looks like she might have a bright acting future ahead. Little is known about the aspiring talent, except from the fact (shared by Sadie in summer) that Jacey is a huge Blackpink fan and even made her older sister "very familiar" with the band.

The Whale official trailer was released on Tuesday, providing a more detailed look into the story of Fraser's character Charlie who is suffering from obesity and desperately tries to reconnect with his daughter. The latter is portrayed by Sadie Sink... but not all the time, if you know what we mean.

The film had an early premiere at the Venice Film Festival, with Brendan Fraser getting a standing ovation; its theatrical release is scheduled for December 9.