Still Trying To Figure Out Why Meredith Grey Was Called Death? We Got You

Still Trying To Figure Out Why Meredith Grey Was Called Death? We Got You
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It’s been almost 15 years of mystery now.


  • Grey's Anatomy is one of Shonda Rhimes' staple dramas that has been airing on ABC for more than 19 seasons.
  • The show primarily focuses on the interpersonal relationships of the characters and the medical cases of the incoming patients.
  • Although Grey's Anatomy is eventful, some questions have remained with fans throughout the years. The origin of Meredith's nickname is one of them.

Some TV shows are made to captivate viewers with their mysteries and take them on a journey to solve them. There are many detective dramas that will make you think hard about all the clues and hints presented to figure out the real story behind it.

There are shows like Dark that could easily make you lose your mind. There is Riverdale - very different from any of the above, but still carrying that mysterious aura around it and never letting viewers get bored.

And then there are dramas. Although they sometimes have an element of mystery to them, most of the time these shows are created to get viewers invested in the interpersonal relationships rather than the plot. However, even the soapy types of shows like Grey's Anatomy have unresolved questions.

In the particular case of the fifth season of Shonda Rhimes' flagship medical drama, the question was: Why did Meredith and Sadie have such strange nicknames for each other?

Why Did Sadie Call Meredith ‘Death’?

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During season 5 of the show, we are introduced to a character named Sadie Harris, who turns out to be Meredith Grey's longtime friend, with whom she spent a lot of time traveling in Europe. She is witty, seemingly very friendly, and excited to be joining the surgical program, but it turns out that she cheated her way in and is severely lacking in medical knowledge.

Although it was speculated at the time that Sadie would join the cast as a recurring character, her stay in Seattle was short-lived. Her storyline only lasted 8 episodes. However, that is not what Grey's Anatomy fans find most annoying about her.

While she was on the show, it was revealed that she and Meredith had developed some very special nicknames for each other. She would call Meredith ‘Death’ and Meredith would call her ‘Die’ in return.

Many fans didn't find out the truth for years. But with rewatch after rewatch, it finally became clear. Unfortunately, there was nothing cryptic about it, and no dramatic backstory from the depths of Europe. The nicknames were nothing more than a clever trick with letters.

Mere-DITH Grey turned into Death, and for Sa-DIE Harris the choice was even more obvious. If that is not the perfect representation of how the brains of two young drunken friends work on their trips, we don’t know what is.

If you want to freshen up your memories of Sadie, you can go ahead and stream season 5 of Grey’s Anatomy on Hulu or Netflix.