Sheldon Will Never Be the Same After This Young Sheldon’s Heartbreaking Episode

Sheldon Will Never Be the Same After This Young Sheldon’s Heartbreaking Episode
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The annoying character doesn’t seem that annoying anymore.

Having wrapped its whole storyline up several weeks ago, Young Sheldon initially came as a prequel to The Big Bang Theory dwelling on its lead character Sheldon Cooper’s earlier years in his family home back in Texas, and though it may have definitely left more unanswered questions for the fans, the show still succeeded in unveiling the character’s biggest tragic mystery.

Throughout its seven-season run on TV, Young Sheldon kept putting its focus on the lead’s quirky nature, but the series’ final season was the one to prove that Sheldon deserved much more sympathy than he got at the time of the original show’s run.

For years that it’s been aired on TV, The Big Bang Theory has always been clear about Sheldon’s unique type of character that most of those who ever appeared in the series found just insupportable.

Sheldon’s self-centeredness, arrogance, and condescending attitude even towards his closest friends were the main reason for both loving and hating the character, with many fans firmly believing that Sheldon’s extremely high intelligence once made him this way. However, Young Sheldon was a tardy, yet pretty much needed response to this big question, and it turned out to be a lot sadder than everyone expected.

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Young Sheldon’s final season features Sheldon’s father George dying after suffering a heart attack, a family tragedy that surely had a huge impact on everyone’s lives there, but Sheldon’s perfectionism this time played a tricky and disheartening game with his mind.

In season 7 episode 13, titled Funeral, the character is seen replaying his last moments with George over and over again in his head, trying to reconcile with the fact that those last minutes Sheldon spent with his father were nothing but mere foolery. This leads the character to a sorrowful conclusion that life is not all about joy, and that his loved ones can be taken away from him at any moment he couldn’t even foresee.

Sheldon’s decision to start taking his surroundings and life as a whole more seriously thus comes as a quite solid explanation of his weird and arrogant behavior in The Big Bang Theory, proving that Sheldon wasn’t just callous and indifferent, but rather he was just too afraid to lose someone close to him once again.