She-Hulk Tries to Twerk Its Way to 19 Emmys, And Marvel Fans Can't Even

She-Hulk Tries to Twerk Its Way to 19 Emmys, And Marvel Fans Can't Even
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This is not a joke. The green attorney goes after all of them Emmys.

Almost every MCU project of the recent years, both movies and TV-shows, were criticized one way or another. But She-Hulk is exceptional.

First released in August, 2022, on Disney Plus, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law surprised the audience with poor CGI, cringy scenes, weird finale, and some other aspects that contributed to She-Hulk being the least approved MCU project with only 33% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Now comes the interesting part. According to Disney's official website, Marvel decided to submit the series about Hulk's cousin for 19 categories at the upcoming Emmy Awards.

The categories include: Outstanding Comedy Series, Directing for a Comedy Series, Writing for a Comedy Series, Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, Guest Actress in a Comedy Series, and twelve more.

Fans didn't hesitate to share their opinion on social media. Some think that She-Hulk being submitted for Emmys is the funniest thing about the show.

While others feel sorry for the Emmys committee as they'll have to watch this low-quality series.

However, there are those who feel more optimistic about some of the categories. For example, Charlie Cox is submitted for Guest Actor in a Comedy Series, alongside Mark Ruffalo and Benedict Wong.

Even though Charlie Cox' role wasn't that big, fans are happy that he might be finally nominated for his portrayal of Daredevil. Charlie Cox was never nominated for an Emmy for his great performance as Daredevil in the Netflix 's eponymous series, and neither was Vincent D'Onofrio for his exceptional role as Kingpin.

Tim Roth as a supporting actor is also a good submission, but given the overall quality of the series, he is not likely to be nominated.

Tim Roth is a great actor, who was once nominated for an Oscar and for a Golden Globe. He could have easily taken home an Emmy for a supporting role, but definitely not in She-Hulk.

The nominees will be announced in September, and we know you'll be waiting with bated breath for She-Hulk to win all that gold.

Source: Disney