Shang-Chi's Rings and Ms. Marvel's Bangle Are Rumoured to Be "New Infinity Stones"

Shang-Chi's Rings and Ms. Marvel's Bangle Are Rumoured to Be
Image credit: Legion-Media

As the MCU enters a new saga, the participants might need some new tokens.

Shang-Chi's rings and Ms. Marvel's bangle might be just as important for the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Infinity Stones were during the times of the Infinity Saga, according to a new report by The Illuminerdi.

Citing sources, the report suggests that the rings and the bangle were left on Earth by the same aliens long ago. After seeing 'Ms. Marvel', fans have already theorized that the bangle is somehow connected with the rings, but it seems that the entire mystery is yet to be revealed throughout the newly-announced Multiverse Saga.

However, it is yet unclear who exactly left the rings and the bangle on Earth. One might suggest that it could have been the Celestials, while others would argue the artefacts were left on Earth by someone like Kree.

Kamala's bangle, unlike the Ten Rings, has no comic book origin: it is a new artefact introduced in 'Ms. Marvel', but the connection between the bangle and the rings if obvious, given how many Shang-Chi Easter eggs there were in the series. The bangle was discovered in a place that many fans believe was where Wenwu found the Ten Rings.

Both artefacts might be parts of a powerful weapon, just like the case was with the Infinity Stones and the gauntlet, but chances are Marvel has something even more intriguing up its sleeve.

As the Multiverse Saga is gathering momentum, it's likely that we will get to delve deeper into the mystery in Phase 5 and 6 of the MCU, as they are set to focus on the multiverse-related events even more.