Sex Education’s Eric Should Be The One Getting His Own Spinoff, And Here’s Why 

Sex Education’s Eric Should Be The One Getting His Own Spinoff, And Here’s Why 
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Who wouldn’t love to see more of this stylish fella?

Sex Education is coming back for its season 4 this September, hopefully. And this season is rumored to be the last one for the show. Unfortunately, some of the core cast members will not be returning, so we can only hope to see them in possible spin-offs.

As the show's creator, Laurie Nunn, told Netflix, there is indeed such a possibility. He said it's always fun to explore the world of teenagers, so he thinks there's potential for future shows based on Moordale students.

Although there are many different choices as to who should be the next main character of the show, there is a strong opinion in the fandom that the one character who most deserves his own show is actually Ncuti Gatwa 's Eric.

However, the fans want to see him not in Moordale minding his usual business, but out of school, free and ready for new adventures. It's really the only way for him to get closer to his true potential, which is huge from what we've seen so far.

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Eric is a very complex character, and it would be amazing to see him try to find his place in life. We already know that he is confident in who he is and loves himself, although he still suffers from other people's opinions about his sexuality.

He was bullied for being gay, especially by Adam, who happened to also come out later, and even becoming Eric’s boyfriend (oh, the irony). But despite the fact that they are good together, Adam is holding him back. But Eric’s story is much bigger.

In season 3 we got to see the "outside of Moordale" Eric, and we really liked it! One storyline has him going to Nigeria for a wedding with his family. Because of how conservative the country and his family there can be, he's told to hide who he is.

Though even there he meets an openly gay man named Oba who takes Eric to the gay nightclub. The scene in that club is amazing, because we finally saw Eric let go of everything and have the time of his life.

After he and Oba finally kiss, we see how calm and confident Eric feels. He is happy and exactly where he should be. Who wouldn't want to watch a show with a main character like that, even if we have to wait a few years to see it?

Source: Netflix