Seems Like There Won't Be The Idol S2 (But Maybe That Was The Plan?)

Seems Like There Won't Be The Idol S2 (But Maybe That Was The Plan?)
Image credit: HBO

What is it if not the fall of the idol?

There's always a fine line between creating something extravagant or completely inappropriate. And it looks like The Idol somehow managed to cross that line, and may have gone too far with its plot and visuals.

The controversial show follows the tumultuous life of pop singer Jocelyn (played by Lily-Rose Depp), who suffers from mental health issues brought on by her mother's death.

She puts her career on hold for a while and then tries to come back with a new single.

But "back on track" is not really what happened with Jocelyn because of many factors that only led her to the self-destructive edge of life.

Her indifference towards her own career and her complex relationship with club owner Tedros (a.k.a The Weeknd portraying The Weeknd) only made things worse.

As the show's co-creator is Sam Levinson, famous for being the one who made Euphoria, it was actually quite obvious to presume what kind of shocking product the fans may get.

The critics weren't happy about all the abusive scenes that the show had, all the cringeworthy sex scenes and overall atmosphere of the series.

More to that, fans are also not that keen on the show. If you compare the viewers number to Euphoria... well, The Idol just seems like a small joke.

According to Variety, the series' debut drew 913,000 viewers, a number that represents 17% of the audience that tuned in for Euphoria's premiere. And after that, the numbers just kept going down with every episode.

So when the rumors started spreading that there might not be another season of the controversial show, actually no one was that much surprised.

But shockingly, the apparent end to the series may not be because of critical or fan negative reaction.

Well, a source that seems to know something that we don't told the New York Post's Page Six that show was never the one that was going to have a continuation. According to the source, The Idol was "always a limited series."

What news. So what? The Weeknd just predicted their show wouldn't be successful? Or did he just want to play the role of an actor and a director and star with the beautiful Lily-Rose Depp? There seems to be no answer now.

But who knows, if HBO still states that the decision about season 2 has not been made yet, maybe we still have a chance to see a redemption arc for Tedros?

Source: Variety, Page Six