Secret Message Behind Better Call Saul's Hit Song You Probably Missed

Secret Message Behind Better Call Saul's Hit Song You Probably Missed
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Next time you watch Better Call Saul, pay a little more attention to the music choices.


  • Better Call Saul uses ABBA's The Winner Takes It All to reflect the complex relationship between Jimmy and Chuck.
  • The song is featured in a flashback scene showing a rare moment of brotherly connection.
  • The lyrics echo Jimmy's desire for recognition and his ongoing battle to emerge from Chuck's shadow.

Better Call Saul, the critically acclaimed prequel to Breaking Bad, is known for its meticulous attention to detail, both visually and thematically. One such detail that may have gone unnoticed by many is the use of one particular song.

Why the Iconic ABBA Song Perfectly Fits Better Call Saul

The Winner Takes It All by ABBA features in a particularly poignant scene in Better Call Saul. During a flashback to a happier time, we see Jimmy and Chuck share a rare moment of brotherly connection as they duet to ABBA’s The Winner Takes It All during a karaoke session.

This scene, set on the night Jimmy is first sworn in as a lawyer, is poignant and symbolic. It reflects a time when the brothers were closer and seemingly supportive of each other, a stark contrast to their later estrangement and Chuck's eventual death​​​​.

What Is the Meaning Behind The Winner Takes It All in Better Call Saul?

Originally, The Winner Takes It All is a song about a tough breakup. But when it's used in Better Call Saul, it means something totally different. It's not about a couple splitting up, but it's about the divide between two brothers, their conflicts, and how everything eventually falls apart.

The song really gets to the heart of Jimmy's relationship with his brother, Chuck. It's like it reflects all the complicated and often really sad ups and downs they go through.

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The lyrics of the song, when you think about it, also reflect Jimmy's struggle with his moral downfall and his inability to cope with Chuck's death.

The iconic song by ABBA is a perfect way to describe Jimmy's story. The title and the lyrics kind of point to how their relationship is always about competing, like there's only one winner and one loser in their battles.

Chuck, being the more successful and well-known brother, tends to outshine Jimmy. The song really hits home with Jimmy's ongoing fight to be noticed and appreciated, especially when he's always compared to what his brother has done and what's expected of him.