Sam Neill Has Some Heartbreaking Words to Say About Robin Williams

Sam Neill Has Some Heartbreaking Words to Say About Robin Williams
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It has been almost a decade since we lost the legend that was Robin Williams. His colleague Sam Neill remembers him fondly in a new memoir.

Actor Sam Neill has just released his memoir Did I Ever Tell You This?, and he took the time to remember his 1999's Bicentennial Man co-star Robin Williams and all the special moments they shared.

Neill talked about how they would go to each other's trailers to have "great chats" whenever they could.

He remembered Williams as "irresistibly, outrageously, irrepressibly, gigantically funny," but even back then the actor felt that something was wrong because Robin made the impression of "the saddest person he ever met."

Sam mentioned that he felt like Robin was "the loneliest man on a lonely planet." Many people close to him would probably agree. It was no secret that Williams was as funny on the outside as he was sad on the inside.

What Were the Funniest Movies with Robin Williams?

At 63, actor Robin Williams committed suicide, and it was later revealed that the late actor had Lewy body dementia, which may have been the reason for his decision.

The world was left without his legendary sense of humor that no one else possesses. Time to remember some of the funniest and heart-warming Robin Williams movies then?

1995's Jumanji

Starting with the obvious success of a movie, we can't stress enough how much funnier Robin's acting made it. Williams' comedic delivery gift was the greatest addition Jumanji could have asked for.

1993's Mrs. Doubtfire

Robin Williams was always great at using comedy as a way to deal with tragedy (in movies and in real life too).

In Mrs. Doubtfire, Williams' did it again, and his whole transformation into a British nanny only enhances the movie's comedic nature further. "Capre dentim.

Seize the teeth" is such an iconic line!

2014's Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

This was Robin's last movie before his death. In Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, Williams played American President Theodore Roosevelt – and did it in the most endearingly lighthearted way possible.

His hilarious delivery of the most routine lines was, as always, spot on.

What a man we have lost… Thank you for everything, Robin Williams!

Let's go watch one of his iconic movies to honor his memory.