Robert Pattinson Joins Remake of 80s Horror Classic That Nobody Wants

Robert Pattinson Joins Remake of 80s Horror Classic That Nobody Wants
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Is it gatekeeping or a fair doubt?

Having gained worldwide popularity with The Twilight Saga, Robert Pattinson has made a bunch of far cries from the role of Edward Cullen. His last movie the world saw was 2022’s The Batman, with the upcoming sci-fi Mickey 17 scheduled to be aired in 2025.

However, it has just been reported that Pattinson is now involved in a new horror movie. The actor is no stranger to the genre, as he starred in the obscure hit The Lighthouse (2019), but the recently announced project is drastically different in every aspect.

It turns out that the Cullen actor has joined the crew of the remake of 1981’s Possession. It is a dark psychological horror that follows a spy who returns home after a mission, only to find his wife asking for a divorce and exhibiting strange behavior he can’t understand.

Although it was a back-then box office bomb, the film eventually acquired cult status. We bet you’ve seen at least one viral video that speculate on Possession’s most iconic scene where its main heroine, played by Isabelle Adjani, goes crazy in the subway.

It’s not yet clear whether Pattinson is going to star in the remake or just be involved as a producer, but the project has already received tons of hate. Horror veterans claim that they don’t need any remake of Possession, and it all seems like a lose/lose situation.

“Wild to remake such a deep cut cult classic that relies so heavily on the once-in-a-lifetime performances from the original. You know… all the things you absolutely can’t replicate with a remake,” admits Redditor @expunks.

There are also huge doubts regarding the possible casting for the main character’s wife, as the original movie is claimed to have the creepiest female lead in horror history.

“Would watch if Pattinson was playing Isabelle Adjani’s role,” jokes @rejalori.

Finally, fans criticize the choice of the director of this remake, as it’s headed over to the Smile (2022) director, Parker Finn. While Possession is considered to be “an amazing challenging though provoking psychological horror film,” as voiced by @FloydPinky, Finn’s previous works clearly fail by comparison to it.

Nevertheless, it’s too early to draw conclusions about the quality of the new Possession, so let’s wait for more updates on the project and hope that Pattinson will star in it.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter