Road House’s Sequel May Finally Fix the Error Its Director Was Raging About

Road House’s Sequel May Finally Fix the Error Its Director Was Raging About
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The first movie was claimed to be undeservedly robbed, but this time things can be different.


  • The Jake Gyllenhaal- led action movie Road House has just had yet another reason to celebrate its achievements as the film’s sequel was officially greenlit by Amazon Studios.
  • Ahead of being dropped on Amazon Prime back in March, Road House was a big buzz with all the controversy surrounding the plans for its release.
  • Despite mixed reviews and an average rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the movie still got the overall success on the streaming platform gaining around 80 million views to-date.

With all the respect for the professional critics, the viewership still seems to matter more. Doug Liman’s controversial action movie Road House starring Jake Gyllenhaal as a former UFC fighter is officially getting a sequel with Gyllenhaal reprising his role.

Despite mixed reviews and quite an average score of 59% on Rotten Tomatoes, Road House was still a roaring success getting 80 million views in total nearly two months after being dropped on streaming.

Upon its digital release on Prime Video, the film made quite a fuss concerning its director’s claims that Road House was unfairly deprived of normal theatrical release which could prove the movie’s ability to earn even more than just Prime Video’s view record.

Eventually Liman and Amazon MGM came to some sort of agreement, though the director still threatened to skip Road House’s official big premiere (which he did attend after all).

Combined with the response from critics that weren’t that impressed by the brand new remake of the 1989 classic movie, Road House’s scandalous promo campaign didn’t work out quite well, yet still brought more of everyone’s attention thus accumulating success among the Prime Video’s subscribers.

Will Road House 2 Hit Cinemas?

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Now that the movie’s sequel is officially in the works, Liman’s biggest wish for his work has all chances to finally become true. Some of the filmmakers and moviegoers indeed criticized Amazon MGM for not letting Road House hit the cinemas back then, especially given the fact that at the time of its release in March the movie wouldn’t meet any fierce competition with other big projects.

Road House’s stunning success on the streaming platform comes as another proof that an action flick which can boast of having Jake Gyllenhaal in the leading role is still more than capable to attract a potentially numerous audience to the cinemas.

So far nothing in particular has been revealed about the future sequel’s storyline and the remaining cast, though Road House 2 even now appears to be a good challenger for the box office hit status.

Things will turn out to be even better for the film if Liman eventually sets a smaller budget (the first movie cost an unreasonable $85 million) as in this case the chances are that the sequel will break even while still having some money in its piggy bank.