Redditors Picked 5 All-Time Best Rom-Coms for Male Audience

Redditors Picked 5 All-Time Best Rom-Coms for Male Audience
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Yes, men also have feelings!

It's a common belief that the target audience for romance movies are women. Well, that's true, but that doesn't mean a man can't enjoy a good rom-com. Especially if it's made from a man's point of view or focuses on a male gaze.

Now, male Redditors have gathered online to discuss their favorite movies and have discovered 5 of the best romance gems that any man would enjoy. Here they are!

1. The Wedding Singer (1998)

One of Adam Sandler ’s best movies to date, The Wedding Singer centers on Robbie Hart, the performer who sings the hits of the 80’s at weddings, and a waitress named Julia Sullivan, played by Drew Barrymore.

The actors have been together in many movies since they first played the couple in this one.

“It is without a doubt, my favorite film of his. It has so much heart while still retaining just the right amount of that trademark Sandler silliness. Plus the 80s setting is really used to its full potential. Absolutely love this movie,” Redditor ThouBear8 said.

2. She's Out Of My League (2010)

Men can be very self conscious when it comes to approaching a beautiful woman and often end up just giving up rather than trying to get to know the woman they liked. This is exactly what happened to the main guy of She's Out Of My League, Kirk.

When he found the perfect woman for him he just chickened, because of his lack of confidence and the influence of his friends and family. But apparently, there is a way to make it work!

3. True Romance (1993)

Written by Tarantino and directed by Tony Scott, the movie is more of a crime drama than a romantic comedy, but we still think it's a must see because the love story there is amazing.

At the beginning of the movie, we see young love blossoming in an unlikely way, bringing together two strangers, Clarence and Alabama. However, it turns out that Alabama is a call girl, and the day Clarence goes to her house to pick up his new wife's belongings, he ends up taking a suit full of cocaine instead of the suit full of clothes. Needless to say, his problems begin immediately?

4. Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

The first thing that will draw you to the movie is the brilliant cast because when you see there are going to be Kristen Bell, Jason Segel and Paul Rudd together – you know it’s going to be a good one.

At the center of the story is Segel’s Peter, a heartbroken young man who just broke up with his superstar girlfriend and has decided to go on vacation to clear his head. But what he didn’t know was that his ex Sarah Marshall is coming to the same resort, but with a new partner… Well, will Peter be strong enough to take it? And who will help him become a man again…

5. Knocked Up (2007)

After a drunken one-night stand with party animal Ben Stone, Alison Scott finds herself... pregnant. Both are far from ideal potential parents, but still they have decided to give the relationship and the whole family idea a try. However, is there any chance that they will succeed?

“Knocked Up is the best Judd Apatow directed movie. More than anything, I'm just amazed at how well he captures real life in his movies. In this film specifically, he is able to articulate so well multiple issues of not only pregnancy, but immaturity with Seth Rogen and married life with Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd. It's all hilarious because it's incredibly authentic to how many people deal with these issues,” Redditor dafl1p14 said.