Reddit Picks 10 Most Unexpected Flicks As 'Best Movies Of 2023'    

Reddit Picks 10 Most Unexpected Flicks As 'Best Movies Of 2023'    
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For those who only noticed Barbenheimer.

Every year the movie industry is flooded with new releases, but only some of them become big hits, while others remain undiscovered for years. There are many reasons for this, but most of them have to do with the right marketing strategies and media exposure. So we hear about some movies long before they are released and plan to see them in advance.

However, the good thing is that nowadays audiences focus more on movies that are not heavily promoted, but rather make it into the journey of discovering something great on their own.

Therefore, here are ten movies that Redditors picked as the best films of the past year.

1. The Holdovers

The name of this comedy was mentioned more than others, that’s why we are going to start the list with it. The movie revolves around a rude and frankly quite gross history teacher who is forced to spend his Christmas holidays at school with the troubled students that had nowhere to go. The way they all tried to handle each other is a funny and compelling watch.

“All the performances were amazing, Paul Giamatti should get all the awards for this movie. It managed to cover some pretty dark material but remained charming and has made its way into the top of my list of feel good holiday movies to watch each year,” Redditor mrpurtle said.

2. BlackBerry

Those who’ve seen the movie all as one said that it was brilliant. A mix of drama and comedy, the movie tells the story of the meteoric rise of the company that invented Blackberry phones, the first smartphones ever, and the unfortunate but catastrophic fall of the gadget.

The premise, however, is not to show the company's struggles through the perspective of fraud and greed or some other typical reasons that ruin large corporations, but rather to focus on how competitive the world of technology is. And as the fans say, the highlight of the movie is Glen Howerton’s acting.

3. Anatomy of a Fall

Another hidden gem that viewers claim is the best movie is this French drama called Anatomy of a Fall. The movie begins with the scene when Samuel is found dead near the house where he lived with his wife Sandra and their visually impaired son Daniel, and also their dog Snoop.

Naturally, the detectives begin to suspect Sandra as the murderer, but she claims that it was a suicide, pointing out that Samuel had tried to kill himself by taking an overdose of aspirin a few months earlier. But Snoop proves the detective wrong. And you have to watch the movie to find out how he did that.

4. Past Lives

"If heartache was a movie, this would be it," said one fan about this movie, and we couldn't agree more. The heartwrenching story of two high school sweethearts who are forced to go their separate ways because the girl, Na Young, and her family moved from South Korea to New York. Hae Sung remained in Korea, but the two never forgot each other.

After a while, fate offers them a moment to be together, at least for a week. But what good can come of it? The fans loved the movie and couldn't believe that it was Celine Song's directorial debut.

“The score was great, the camera work was surprisingly restrained, the editing and dialogue really played to the cast's strengths. In many ways, it felt like an elevated stage play. It made great use of the settings, but great blocking and cinematography helped tell a story best seen through the medium of film,” Redditor mooseman780 said.

5. Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

Many fans agreed that they didn't expect the movie to be that good before seeing it. Yes, the cast and the story suggested that it might be a decent thing to watch, but nothing more. Instead, the movie ended up being a huge success with audiences and critics. The portrayal of the truly iconic game on the big screen was phenomenal, and the added comedy to the genre simply made it a must-see.

6. When Evil Lurks

Of course the list wouldn't be full without a great psychological thriller slash horror movie in it. When Evil Lurks tells a sinister story about a demon to be born and people living nearby realizing that and trying to do their best to save themselves. However, it might already be too late… The fans of the movie said it was insanely impressive.

7. Theater Camp

Another movie that fans of it think is really underrated. Theater Camp is a comedy that focuses on kids and quirky adults trying to save an under-budget camp from being shut down while the real owner of the facility ends up in a coma. Their journey and all the struggles are really fun to watch, so give it a chance on a blue night.

8. Priscilla

Sofia Coppola's attempt to capture the life and all the problems that Priscilla faced after meeting Elvis Presley ended up being a success among fans, although there was a lot of skepticism around it at the beginning. Most fans of the famous singer didn't like the idea of him being involved in another scandal. But the result of Coppola's work left everyone speechless. In fact, fans say they were ready to watch at least 30 minutes more after the end.

9. Saltburn

The fans of this 2023 movie compared it to the iconic gem Cruel Intentions and the movie Neon Demon. They said that Saltburn gave off the same vibes and we kind of feel it too. The movie focuses on a struggling student, Oliver, who ends up in a world he wasn't ready to be a part of. This summer in Saltburn with the wealthy and absolutely enigmatic Felix will be unforgettable.

10. Nimona

The animated film Nimona had several attempts to be released and finally found its way to Netflix this year. It focuses on a story of self-discovery and the importance of giving people a chance. Even those who seem good may be far from angels, and those you think are evil monsters may be the only ones with pure hearts.

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