Real Doctors Say These Are 11 Most Accurate Medical TV Dramas

Real Doctors Say These Are 11 Most Accurate Medical TV Dramas
Image credit: BBC, FOX

It's always so satisfying when you, a professional in a certain field, watch a TV show or a movie with a character that shares your profession and see the intricacies of your job replicated very truthfully.

This list is for the doctors and it consists of the most accurate medical TV shows.

Medical dramas never go out of fashion because they offer a blend of suspense, something very humane on a primal level (aka the fear of death and the celebration of life), and characters acting cool in stressful situations yet showing their vulnerabilities outside of them.

Medical dramas are always a replication of a rollercoaster ride, interchanging pain with relief, and that's what hooks us on. But when the medical procedures in these dramas are done the right way, not the theatrical way, we just cackle in glee.

The thing is, the majority of medical dramas focus mostly on the character development and not on the medical part of the show — they use it just as a setting and opt for bare believability rather than realistic depictions of the job. But the top of this list shows that you can successfully blend together both the drama and the truth.