Reacher Star Gives a Disheartening Season 3 Update

Reacher Star Gives a Disheartening Season 3 Update
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If you expected to see a new chapter of the story in the near future, forget about it.


  • Reacher lead star Alan Ritchson recently revealed that Season 3 is scheduled for a 2025 premiere.
  • Fans are caught off guard by the update considering the new series was expected in 2024.
  • Reacher Season 3 began filming even before S2’s premiere in December 2023. The reason the delay is unknown.

We’re so used to TV shows releasing new seasons on a yearly basis (not you, Sherlock ) that when it doesn’t happen, we feel almost insulted, don’t we? Most fans barely tolerate a couple of months in delay, but for Reacher’s audience, Alan Ritchson’s latest update on Season 3 will come as an even tougher blow.

Reacher Star Gives an Upsetting S3 Update

Recently, Alan Ritchson took to his Instagram to post a Stories post with a Reacher Season 3 announcement. Normally, that would have been great news — an official confirmation of your favorite show’s next series, what’s not to love here? But apparently, something went distinctly wrong with Reacher S3’s production.

“The biggest name in action hits again in 2025,” the now-expired Stories caption read. The most attentive fans might have already noticed the issue, but we’ll spell it out nonetheless: Reacher Season 3 was expected to arrive in 2024, not 2025.

This is especially weird considering that S3 began filming even before Season 2’s premiere in December 2023. Seeing how the Season 3 premiere is now scheduled for 2025 without an exact date, this update implies that over a year will pass since S2 by the time S3 comes around, which is considerably longer than such production normally takes. We have no information about Reacher S3 recent production delays.

Reacher S3 Has Some Large Boots to Fill

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So far, Reacher the TV show has been doing extraordinarily well. The debut season raked up 92 and 91% Critic and Audience Scores on Rotten Tomatoes, followed closely by an even more impressive 98% from critics in Season 2. The upcoming series has some large boots to fill, but we hope that Reacher will still fit in them.

With obvious production delays, there’s quite some time before Reacher S3 to make sure it lives up to the high expectations. The fact that the new season will adapt the fan-beloved seventh novel from the Jack Reacher series, Persuader, also helps… But for now, assume your “annoyed and waiting” position — we have quite a few months of running dry ahead of us.

Source: Alan Ritchson via Instagram