Reacher Showrunner Hints At How Many Seasons Fans Can Expect

Reacher Showrunner Hints At How Many Seasons Fans Can Expect
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Nick Santora talks about how the creators choose the right material and how many seasons he hopes the show will last.


  • After a hugely successful second season, season 3 of the Reacher TV series is already in production
  • Fans wonder how many seasons the show will last and which Jack Reacher novels will be adapted next
  • The series' creator, Nick Santora, talks about how the books are chosen and his plans for the future of the show

Despite some occasional small hiccups, the Reacher TV series seems to be on a winning streak right now, as the first season showed how to do the adaptation of Lee Child's novels right, while the second season managed to become even more successful, even if it caused some controversial reactions.

In light of all this, fans are now keeping a close eye on the third season, which has all the chances to become the best of the entire series, as it was recently confirmed that it will be based on the seventh Jack Reacher novel, Persuader.

The story will return to the roots of the first season, with Jack embarking on an intense solo adventure to avenge his fallen comrades and encountering a deadly enemy who proves to be his equal, raising the stakes even higher.

Alan Ritchson Can't Play Jack For More Than Two Decades

However, with only three of the series' astounding twenty-eight novels (and one more to be released later this year) being adapted for television, fans are justifiably wondering how many seasons the Reacher TV series will run for.

After all, Alan Ritchson, who portrays the titular character, is already 41 years old, and there is no way he is going to star in 25 more seasons with about two years between each one.

Given that the show's creators have decided not to adapt the novels in order of publication, choosing the first, eleventh and seventh so far, fans are hoping that at least a handful of the best books in the series will eventually find their way to the screen.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, series creator Nick Santora explained how he and the rest of the team decide which novels are best suited for adaptation and hinted at future plans for the series.

Santora said that although he, the writing staff, and Alan Ritchson have thorough discussions about which book would make good TV material, it often comes down to following their "instincts" to make the final decision.

With all this in mind, it seems that it will be quite difficult for fans to predict which novels will be chosen next, with perhaps the only exception being Die Trying, which is Ritchson's personal favorite, so it will most likely be adapted sometime down the road.

The Show's Creator Isn't Aiming Too High For Now

As for how many seasons Reacher will run, Santora's aspirations are quite modest, as for now the showrunner is hoping the project will run for at least four seasons, similar to two other shows he has previously worked on, Prison Break and Scorpion.

Hopefully the filmmaker's estimations are correct and season 3 won't be the last for the series, which seems very likely since it will return to the formula of the universally praised season 1 and has a strong source material as a base.

Of course, there will be some changes from the original novel, as it has already been revealed that Frances Neagley will be present in season 3 despite not being in the book, but fans are praying that other changes will be kept to a minimum.

No official release date has been announced yet.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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