Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Disney Shows?

Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Disney Shows?
Image credit: Legion-Media

Say what you will about these Disney classics, they did show us some good times.

Long before Disney finally became a mega-corporation, gathering under its umbrella everything from Marvel to Star Wars, there was 'Hannah Montana'. Long before there was Disney+, there was Disney Channel (still is, btw). Let's find out how well do you remember those happier (well, at least easier) times when watching Hannah on Disney after school was your favorite pastime.

You can think about Disney and its expansion whatever you want, but there is no doubt that in the 2000s Disney Channel gave viewers a lot of great series, many of which we still quote almost by heart. Disney Channel was where the careers of many stars who later became successful actors and singers began. Even leaving aside the unfortunate Britney Spears career path, Disney Channel is also Miley Cyrus, who gained international fame at a young age thanks to the show 'Hannah Montana', the Sprouse brothers from the show 'Zack & Cody' who went from child actors to in-demand Hollywood stars, Lizzie McGuire and the Jonas Brothers… The list is quite impressive, if you think about it. Yes, those shows weren't amazing, but they definitely were good, even though we are partly guided by nostalgia. Take this quiz and let's found out just how well do you remember them.