Quentin Tarantino Hated This Iconic Film: 'That's Not James F*cking Bond!'

Quentin Tarantino Hated This Iconic Film: 'That's Not James F*cking Bond!'
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This movie might be an Agent 007 golden classic, but it wasn’t good enough for the celebrated director.

The James Bond franchise is among the biggest IPs in the world, having undergone multiple transformations and revivals over the many decades of its existence. Each iteration of the classic story brought it up to date with its contemporary times, and Daniel Craig ’s, as the most recent one, is widely praised for its approach…

But not by everyone. Quentin Tarantino, for instance, hated one of the most classic Craig-led Bond movies — and praised the one most people don’t even rewatch.

Tarantino Resented the Craig-Bond Classic

When Daniel Craig took over Agent 007’s Martini glass (shaken, not stirred), he started off strong with Skyfall. Immediately after its premiere, the movie became a global hit. Stellar reviews, instant cult-classic status, and all that. But while Skyfall managed to impress critics and viewers both, one man was utterly disappointed by it — and since that man was Quentin Tarantino, the whole world learned about it.

“I thought Skyfall was like, ‘This whole f*cking movie's ending at a shootout in a f*cking cabin? This is a James Bond movie? That's not James f*cking Bond!’” the director shared on the ReelBlend Redux podcast.

But while Tarantino hated Skyfall, he really fancied a much less mainstream Craig entry — the one that’s never positively compared to Skyfall by all others.

Tarantino Prefers the Underrated Craig-Bond Film

On the contrary to Skyfall’s immense success, its direct sequel Spectre failed to reach the same status. It’s usually regarded as the first movie’s weaker sibling that wasn’t necessary, and definitely isn’t quite as cool. But yet again, Quentin Tarantino went against the current: in his opinion, Spectre is totally superior to Skyfall.

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Continuing his rant about how Agent 007 movie must and must not be done, the director claimed that “from the opening action sequence in Spectre on, it was like, ‘Now this is a James Bond movie!’” This isn’t quite an unpopular opinion as the opening scene of Spectre is widely praised, but few people ever claimed that the second installment was better than the first.

But while we’re on the topic, do you agree with the Pulp Fiction director?

Best Daniel Craig-led Bond movie?

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