Professional Ex-Bank Robber Rates Ben Affleck's Heist Movie, Has Strong Opinions

Professional Ex-Bank Robber Rates Ben Affleck's Heist Movie, Has Strong Opinions
Image credit: GK Films, Thunder Road Film

One of our favorite things is when experts rate movies about their jobs and such, but having a former bank robber rate a heist thriller is something new and exciting!

We love to learn more about specific jobs and professions from the people who are experts in them. Better yet, if we can get those inside details coupled with a professional review of a great movie. But while having an opinion from a firefighter or a pirate expert is one thing, feedback from a former bank robber is quite refreshing!

Back in 2010, Ben Affleck released a heist thriller called The Town which was incredibly well-received by critics and the general public alike. With such a brilliant cast, boasting Blake Lively, Jeremy Renner, Rebecca Hall, and many others, and spectacular action, the movie’s 92% score on RT shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Since The Town follows a bold and daring heist of Boston's Fenway Park, it was only right that the expert who got to rate the movie’s details had to be familiar with robbery. But Insider took it one step further, and instead of bringing in an FBI guy, they reached out to Cain Vincent Dyer, who used to rob banks for a living!

The ex-criminal watched The Town and shared his thoughts. For the most part, according to Cain, the movie is “absolutely on point.” He was especially delighted to note all the subtle details and techniques that The Town’s crew got correctly. For instance, he approved the use of police scanners by Affleck’s on-screen gang.

“I actually used police scanners in a lot of my bank heists. I would tap into the police activity within an area. Knowing when they're coming, knowing how much time you have left inside. So, yes, it's absolutely something that a gang of that caliber would have,” commented the former bank robber.

Cain also noted that switching cars in the middle of a robbery was a smart and very common move; however, he also shared his own method…which, unfortunately, came too late to influence the movie in any way. It was still interesting to learn, though.

“We also see that they switch cars after the robbery, which is very, very, very common. All the cars that they're using are stolen, more than likely, right? Instead of stealing a car, what I would do is I would find the make and model of the car that I had, and I would steal the license plate off an identical car,” Cain explained.

Overall, the former bank robber really appreciated the attention to detail that Ben Affleck showed in his heist movie, and it earned his expert approval. “You have to give The Town the 10,” concluded Cain Vincent Dyer.

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