Pedro Pascal Had a Crush on His On-Screen Enemy in Game of Thrones

Pedro Pascal Had a Crush on His On-Screen Enemy in Game of Thrones
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These characters may have hated each other in GoT, but there was definitely a spark between these actors behind the scenes.


  • Pedro Pascal revealed his surprising major crush on former co-star Lena Headey back in 2014.
  • Ongoing dating rumors have circled ever since, with even the speculation that he may have been her baby-daddy.
  • Predo is thought to be currently single, yet that doesn’t stop the rumor mill from consistently guess who his latest partner may be.

The beloved Pedro Pascal is almost certainly adored by virtually everyone. Now unanimously considered the Internet's daddy, people love to see him in his roles as Din Djarin in The Mandalorian, Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones, and Joel Miller in The Last of Us. So you might be a little surprised to learn that Pedro has a real-life crush on one of his most famous co-stars, who also happens to play one of the most hated villains in TV history.

Who is Pedro’s crush?

The revelation of the Narcos star's off-screen crush wasn't divulged until a 2014 Reddit Q&A, where he answered questions directly from fans. When asked what his favorite part of working on GoT was, and if there were any memorable behind-the-scenes moments with certain cast members, the actor couldn't wait to gush about one co-star in particular.

“Lena is one of my favorite persons. And she (in life) is so funny and so smart, such a good person, a good friend and a good mother, I think everyone on that set and anyone who comes in contact with her develops an instant crush. Talk about male or female, you're going to get a crush on her easy. And I was just lucky that I got to work with her and hit it off and continue being friends”.

Pedro is obviously referring to Lena Headey, who portrayed the fantastically ruthless Cersei Lannister also in GoT. Although the two did not have a whole lot of screen time together, the pair clearly developed a fast and lasting friendship.

Dating rumors…

Aside from these affectionate comments from the star himself, frequent sightings of the two spending time together outside of the studio quickly sparked dating rumors. Both Lena and Pedro regularly posted photos together on Instagram, and published shots of the two looking quite romantic only fueled the speculation.

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Rumor increased to such an extent that months later when Lena announced she was pregnant, fans suspected that Pedro could be the baby-daddy. Lena however squashed these suspicions later on by revealing her then-boyfriend, filmmaker Dan Cadan, was in fact the baby's father.

The GoT actors haven’t been seen together publicly in a while, with Lena’s last social media post with him being in 2016.

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She has also since gone on to marry American actor and writer, Marc Menchaca, in 2022. But there is nothing to suggest that herself and Pedro are not still very close friends and likely keep in touch privately.

Pedro’s current relationship status

Pedro’s previous history and current dating status have been of much discussion and interest since the actor’s rise to fame over the last few years. He has been linked to other celebrity stars, one being Maria Dizzia, of which they both starred in an episode of Law And Order; Pascal played a pimp, while Dizzia played a sex worker on the show.

He was later linked to Robin Tunney in 2015, after Pedro briefly played her character’s love interest on the show The Mentalist. They were both spotted spending a lot of time together, and even attended some award shows together. However, it is more likely they were both just close friends, as Tunney was engaged to Nick Marmet at the time, and later married him.

As far as anyone currently knows, Pedro is currently single and not in any committed relationships. Considering that none of his previous relationships (including the potential romance with Lena Headey) have ever been confirmed, it’s clear that he is a man that likes to keep his romantic life private, and until he reveals anything different, we’ll likely have to keep speculating.

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