Overlooked 90s Disaster Movie Is Actually More Scientifically Accurate Than Armageddon

Overlooked 90s Disaster Movie Is Actually More Scientifically Accurate Than Armageddon
Image credit: Legion-Media

Step back, Michael Bay!

Back in 1998, the world saw Bruce Willis’ sci-fi disaster hit that became the highest-grossing film of the year. Following a group of drillers on a mission to stop an asteroid coming to Earth, Armageddon paved the way for all modern films of the genre.

However, few fans of this Michael Bay-directed flick know that an extremely similar sci-fi was released the same year. Disappointingly, it was clearly overshadowed by the success of Armageddon, but it’s still hailed by fans who claim it deserves a rewatch.

The underrated disaster flick starts by showing that the planet is threatened by a comet heading towards Earth. While the government is trying to keep it a secret, the truth inevitably gets unveiled, forcing the president to present a survival plan.

According to it, the comet must be deterred from its initial course by a group of astronauts who will land on the object and put explosives there. Thus, they are about to step on a complicated path to save the planet from doomsday.

This synopsis is just like the one of Armageddon, yes, but we bet you can’t name the title of this movie now. Despite the fact that it was also a commercial success, as it grossed $349.5 million against a budget of $80 million, this sci-fi was unfairly forgotten.

Nevertheless, it really deserves our close attention, as it’s claimed to be even more scientifically accurate than Michael Bay’s movie. The filmmakers hired real astronomers to help them with the film’s script and then really took their advice.

This underrated gem appears to be a must-watch not only for those who enjoyed its twin counterpart, but also for all disaster movie fans. Thus, if you liked Jake Gyllenhaal ’s The Day After Tomorrow (2004) or Cillian Murphy ’s Sunshine (2007), don’t miss this film.

Titled Deep Impact, it assembles an all-star cast of Morgan Freeman, Robert Duvall, Elijah Wood and Vanessa Redgrave, whose performances make it even cooler.

“Better than Armageddon,” claims Redditor @JOE_raccoon, who is added by the joke of @illmatic2112, “Less Michael Bay, more heart”.

Indeed, Freeman-starring flick seems to be more convincing due to both its sci-fi elements and quite a lighter tone.

Check out this disastrously overlooked flick, as Deep Impact is available on Prime.