One Race The Boys And The Flash Fans Would Die To See

One Race The Boys And The Flash Fans Would Die To See
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However, everyone pretty much agrees on the result.

There is nothing more than the seven superheroes of The Boys enjoying a glorious rescue or a gruesome battle.

We've seen it before, from episode to episode.

Since they are supposed to be caricatures of actual heroes, greedy and power-hungry, often driven by their own motives and occasional fear of Homelander, could they be adequate villains for some of the DC and Marvel heroes?

Fans would pay a lot to see this crossover come to life.

But despite the endless possibilities the multiverse system offers for exploring and expanding the adventures of superheroes, there is no sign of it coming to life.

Production may be one obstacle, and a younger audience would be another. Those who really want the battle to happen will have to go to Reddit and share their thoughts.

One fight, or rather race, that fans would love to see is A-Train vs. The Flash. More specifically, the CW's Barry Allen, portrayed by Grant Gustin.

While both are extremely fast, only one is so morally superior that he would try to lecture the other on the way to the finish line.

"A-Train, you don't have to do this. A-Train, I know how you feel. A-Train, look. Listen to me," the phrases suggested by one Redditor can be heard in Gustin's voice almost as soon as you read them.

It's hard to argue that Flash would be so good by nature that he'd try to save his opponent first. But when it comes to the fight itself, everyone is sure that A-Train doesn't stand a chance.

You have to hand it to A-Train, many viewers agree that he would try to save his face until the very end.

Dying of a heart attack on the final lap or not, he'd try to keep his cool and find at least one of Flash's weaknesses to exploit.

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As cool as the idea is, it's unlikely to happen as The Flash nears its end.

You can tune in to The CW on Wednesdays to join Barry Allen on his final adventure.

Source: Reddit