One Line Jon Bernthal Said in Almost Every Movie He Was a Part of

One Line Jon Bernthal Said in Almost Every Movie He Was a Part of
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Come on, let the man say something already.

Jon Bernthal is an extremely talented actor, no doubt about that. But if you've caught him in movies or TV shows, you might have noticed something interesting, — Bernthal always tries to tell you something. You know, the “let me tell you something” meme. If that's not making sense, don't worry, we're about to break it down for you.

The Walking Dead

It all started here, on The Walking Dead. Jon Bernthal's character, Shane, in The Walking Dead is known for constantly saying "let me tell you something," "let me ask you something," or “I tell you what.”

Although it's not the only thing he says, fans of the show noticed this repeated phrase and it indeed became somewhat of a meme or inside joke among the The Walking Dead community. Viewers started noticing that the actor actually says the same line (s) in other projects as well.


Jon Bernthal's Marvel role in Punisher is probably his second (or maybe even first) most famous role. And guess what? He's at it again, trying to tell something.

In the third episode of season 1, in a flashback scene, Frank says, “Listen, asshole. Let me tell you something,” speaking to the shady Agent Orange, high-ranking CIA honcho.

King Richard

No one is safe when Jon Bernthal wants to tell you something. In King Richard, Bernthal plays Rick Macci, a real-life tennis coach. In one memorable scene, Will Smith gets a taste of Bernthal's signature line when he drops a casual "I tell you what, man."

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The Wolf of Wall Street

In Martin Scorsese 's The Wolf of Wall Street, Bernthal's character's wife finds herself wrapped up with a load of cash meant for a European jaunt. Before recommending the same plan to the rest of the family, Jon hits us with his classic line: "Let me ask you something?"

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Jon Bernthal is no stranger to the gaming world either. He lent his appearance and voice for the character named Walker in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint. By the way, the name might just be a nod to The Walking Dead, where Bernthal's character ends up as a walker (a zombie).

And of course, Bernthal couldn't resist dropping his trademark "let me tell you something" line even in a video game.