One Leo DiCaprio Flight That Turned Into a Pure Nightmare

One Leo DiCaprio Flight That Turned Into a Pure Nightmare
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Leonardo DiCaprio has referred to himself as "half-Russian" on numerous occasions. Well, in 2010, he got to live through a unique Russian experience.

Flying to an event dedicated to the protection of endangered Amur tigers in Russia, this Oscar-winning actor was involved in not one, but two weird plane accidents (as if someone didn't want him in his ancestors' homeland).

In 2016, the Hollywood star went on The Ellen Show to talk about "the scariest thing he's ever done."

He shared how he was flying to Russia, and suddenly "the engine exploded." Leo recalled "looking out the window" and seeing that one of the engines "turned into a fireball."

To make things worse, the actor also felt like he was "the only person there" to witness this, so he thought that he'd "already died and gone to Heaven" because everyone else was acting normal like nothing weird was happening.

Doesn't that sound like the plot of a fantasy action movie? We'd buy tickets to that!

During the flight, DiCaprio started freaking out, but the flight attendant seemed to keep her cool, calmly telling the actor that they had "a slight problem" because they had "lost one of the engines."

One of the Russian passengers summed up the situation perfectly when he said, "That is not good." Oh, really?

In the end, the plane "dumped fuel for 45 minutes and did an emergency landing." With all the exploding tires and "a hundred different ambulances there," Leo called the whole thing "a bummer."

He definitely picked up some of that Russian keep-calm-in-life-or-death-situations attitude!

Turned out, that wasn't the end of Leo's adventures. He got on the second plane only to have it fight against strong winds and unexpectedly land in Helsinki.

Well, at least Leo was closer to Russia now.

Third time was the charm! Finally, DiCaprio boarded another plane and ended up in St. Petersburg, where the conference was held. It must have been a rough day for the Hollywood star.

Source: The Ellen Show