One Holiday in Harry Potter That Just Doesn't Make Any Sense

One Holiday in Harry Potter That Just Doesn't Make Any Sense
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Jesus Might Have Been the First Ever Wizard in Harry Potter

The wizarding community of Harry Potter seems to be multi-faith, and the religions are a little too familiar.

Have you ever thought about the fact that wizards might have borrowed their religions from muggles? Or was it the other way around?

Anyway, the magical world might not be as big believers in God as non-wizarding folk, but they do celebrate some religious holidays.
For instance, Christmas is a big part of Harry's Hogwarts experience in practically every one of the seven Harry Potter books. There is a big feast in the Great Hall, the wizards exchange gifts with one another, and Christmas trees pop up all over Hogwarts.

The real question is – wouldn't Jesus have been just another wizard in the magical community? His walking on water bit and turning water into wine wouldn't have really astonished any witch or wizard. After all, they could all do that, provided they knew the right spell.

There are two possibilities. First, Christianity may be more of a relic of the past in the magical community, much like pagan holidays are in the muggle world. Take, for example, Halloween. Many people have fun trick-or-treating every year (muggles and wizards alike, by the way), but very few actually believe in the true meaning of the holiday.

Second, Jesus may have been the first wizard ever, the one who started all magic, which is why the wizarding community still holds him in high esteem even after all these years. This made all the miracles Jesus performed all the more impressive.

J.K. Rowling herself has repeatedly stated that Hogwarts is a multi-faith school (much like most wizarding establishments are), so Christian holidays (like Christmas and Easter) are not the only ones wizards celebrate.

Besides Halloween, wizards do have several other pagan holidays. Remember the Yule Ball? That was clearly Rowling's attempt to mirror Christian Christmas with a pagan equivalent. Too bad we saw so little of the Yule celebrations!

Hopefully, the Harry Potter reboot will shed more light on wizarding holidays. Maybe, we'll even get to witness some Muslim or Buddhist celebrations at Hogwarts?