One Chicago Fire Detail That Made Season Finale a Little Less Devastating

One Chicago Fire Detail That Made Season Finale a Little Less Devastating
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We're still not ready to let Boden go.

Season 12 of Chicago Fire was definitely one of the most emotional seasons to date, despite being the shortest. In fact, perhaps the need to cram so much into so few episodes is what made the season hit hard, giving viewers little to no time to catch their breath before another big storm hit.

As the season began with the departure of Blake Gallo and then quickly moved on to the final exits of Sylvie Brett and Matt Casey, fans didn't expect anyone else to go. However, as the finale approached, more devastating news broke: Eamonn Walker was leaving as a series regular.

Casey and Brett's Easter Egg in Season 12 Finale

As sad as it was to say goodbye to Chief Boden, there were two things to be happy about. First, he wasn't gone forever. Even though he won't be appearing as much as he used to, now that he's the Deputy Commissioner, viewers can expect to see him in a few more episodes.

Second, the sad and heartfelt moments were made better for all the fans of Sylvie Brett and Matt Casey, who left the show mid-season. Even though the couple settled down in Oregon and didn't make an appearance, the most attentive viewers were able to find a fun detail to add to their marriage.

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The moment Stella pulls out her phone to read a message from Sylvie, we see the initials ‘SC,’ which have been confirmed to stand for Sylvie Casey, meaning she took her husband's last name when they married. While this is not uncommon in the real world around us, it is for Firehouse 51.

In all 12 seasons of the show, not a single bride has chosen to change her last name, so Sylvie and Matt's case is pretty unique. And no matter what reasons the writers have for making Sylvie stand out from the rest of the female characters on the show, it was a sweet nod to the couple to support the fans in an otherwise emotional episode.

Even though both Sylvie and Matt Casey are unlikely to return for season 13, or even have a cameo as guest stars, fans are still hoping for updates on their happy life through Stella and Severide. After all, with their decision to settle down and put their family first, they might need some help from their more level-headed friends.

If you want to see where season 13 will take newly promoted DC Boden and Stella and Severide as they become parents, be sure to keep an eye out for news and behind-the-scenes updates. In the meantime, you can binge-watch all seasons of Chicago Fire on or Prime Video.