One Chicago Fans May Be Up For a Big Three-Way Treat

One Chicago Fans May Be Up For a Big Three-Way Treat
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Everyone’s excited for more crossovers.


  • One Chicago is an NBC television universe made up of three shows, Chicago P.D., Chicago Med and Chicago Fire.
  • Since all three shows take place in the same time and place, the characters often cross over for the most interesting cases.
  • Even though this TV season one Chicago shows had to release shortened seasons, there is still hope for crossovers.

Even though there are many critics who feel that shared TV or movie universes are not as great a concept as we once thought, the viewers are voting with their time.

As One Chicago continues to be one of the most popular franchises on NBC, the chance of splitting the world back into separate pieces is out of the question.

However, the longer all three shows go on the air, the more production challenges the teams behind them may face. Unfortunately for all the fans, the recent delay that all the networks have faced has also left its mark on the state of One Chicago.

Will the shows be able to stay on the same schedule? When will viewers get the chance to see all three teams working together again? The questions on everyone's mind now have an answer.

One Chicago Crossover 2024

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No matter what happens within the show, no matter how many cast members leave and how many newcomers join, there is one thing that can immediately get any fan of either Chicago Med, Chicago P.D. or Chicago Fire excited, and that's crossovers. The harder they are to produce, the better they get.

Speaking to TVLine, Chicago Fire president Andrea Newman admitted that the shortened seasons the shows have been forced to release due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes are definitely not helping the cause of crossovers. Still, all hope is not lost.

“I think shortened seasons make it trickier, and we all had to jump so fast, like out of a cannon, at the beginning because we were airing so quickly, too. But now that we’re all kind of getting our footing and coming up for air, there’s definitely talk of that. There’s always a chance of a crossover — potentially a bigger one, and then we will cross over characters.”

Big or small, fans of all three shows will be excited to see the characters forced to communicate with each other. Plus, crossover episodes usually mean the bigger setup, which in itself brings more drama.

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So whatever happens next, the possibility of shaking up the One Chicago universe once again remains a very promising storyline.

If you want to see what drives all three teams to get in their cars and helicopters and put their own lives on the line while saving others, be sure to tune in to NBC every Wednesday to not miss another episode. Stay tuned for more exciting news and behind-the-scenes scoops!

Source: TVLine