OG Doctor Who Star Ends the Haters: ‘It Has Always Been Liberal and Progressive’

OG Doctor Who Star Ends the Haters: ‘It Has Always Been Liberal and Progressive’
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It’s time to put the ‘woke’ discussion to rest.

Throughout its more than 60 years on television, Doctor Who has always been one of the most popular shows in the UK. Sitting down with the family to watch the new Doctor Who episode was a tradition that spanned generations, with each person having their own first TARDIS journey with the current Doctor, who often ended up being their favorite.

While the older generations long for the return of classic Doctor Who, the seasons that aired before the hiatus in the 90s, the younger ones are joining the new adventure with the 15th Doctor, portrayed by Ncuti Gatwa. And now, more than ever, Doctor Who is on the receiving end of bigotry.

Has Doctor Who Gone Woke?

Ever since the news of the casting of the 13th Doctor was announced, many viewers turned into haters. Jodie Whittaker, the first woman ever to play the Doctor, became the target of all the online bullies who were upset that the time-traveling alien ended up in a woman's body. The casting of the 15th Doctor wasn't well received either, even though it ended up being a man.

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But it wasn't just Ncuti Gatwa, the Black and openly gay actor, who became a new target for haters. Writers who have been promoting liberal and progressive ideas and tackling issues of gender, sexuality, and inequality were also targeted.

However, while some spend their time writing insulting comments on the internet and wishing for the old Doctor Who days to come back, the original star of the series, Peter Davison, who portrayed the 5th Doctor, reminds everyone of the truth about the show.

“Doctor Who was always liberal and progressive. It would have a go at corporations, at the arms race, whatever. But the point was: it never announced that that was what it was doing, As soon as you do that, it changes the optics,” he said to The Telegraph.

Of course, there is a huge difference in how Doctor Who is positioning the show today. After all, the recent deal with Disney Plus must dictate some changes to allow the show to continue and grow. However, the point still stands: Doctor Who hasn't become “woke.” If anything, it has just become more vocal about the ideas it supports.

If you are interested in joining Ncuti Gatwa's 15th Doctor and his companion Ruby Sunday on another series of adventures, be sure to tune in every Saturday on Disney Plus.

Source: The Telegraph