Nolan's Tenet Failed to Do What Inception Did 10 Years Earlier

Nolan's Tenet Failed to Do What Inception Did 10 Years Earlier
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Adding emotional depth to a complex, ambitious story – that's something Inception did exceptionally, but Tenet failed to achieve after all.

Inception and Tenet are two critically acclaimed films that have sparked significant discussion among fans and critics alike. Inception, directed by Christopher Nolan, is widely regarded as a masterpiece and is often cited as one of the best films ever made. Tenet, also directed by Nolan and released ten years later, has been praised for its complex and philosophical themes, as well as its impressive visual effects.

One aspect of Inception that stands out is the development of the characters, particularly Cobb and Robert Fischer. The emotional journey of these two characters has been noted as a highlight of the film, and their growth is central to the story.

In contrast, Tenet has been criticized for its "lifeless" and "shallow" characters, though on repeated viewings, it has been argued that there is a great deal of genuine emotion beneath the flashy visuals.

Tenet has been noted for its complex ideas, including the concept of metaphysical Fatalism and the Block Universe Theory of Time. These ideas, along with the themes of Free Will and entropy, make for a challenging and thought-provoking film that rewards repeat viewings.

However, some viewers have found the film to be confusing, especially in comparison to the more straightforward narrative of Inception. And yes, we know how that sounds, considering that, post-release, Inception was widely regarded as one of the most confusing films of all time. Turns out, Nolan can outdo himself in that regard, but in doing so, some emotional depth was sacrificed.

"The issue I had with Tenet is that it just plot dumped exposition for large chunks of the movie, especially near the beginning and didn't really have as many moments for the content or emotions to sink in and resonate. This changed somewhat eventually but I remember inception handling it a little bit better," one of the Inception fans explained on Reddit.

In addition to its characters and philosophical themes, Inception has been praised for its technical elements, including the musical score, editing, and cinematography. Many have also noted that this film showcases one of Leonardo DiCaprio 's best performances to date. Tenet, on the other hand, has been criticized for its main character's permanent scowl and the heavy use of exposition without much emotional depth in the early part of the film.

"I like Tenet a lot, but the emotional beats of Inception - dealing with guilt and love - make it more gripping to me. As a self-contained story Inception feels more tightly wound to me too," a Redditor admitted.

Overall, while both Inception and Tenet are highly regarded films, Inception is widely considered the more universally liked of the two. Its emotional storylines and well-developed characters make it a gripping and satisfying viewing experience.