Noah Schnapp Hates Will's Ugly Hairstyle Just As Much As We Do

Noah Schnapp Hates Will's Ugly Hairstyle Just As Much As We Do
Image credit: Netflix

Sorry, Will, friends don't lie. Your haircuts are a choice no one asked you to make.

Stranger Things is scary to watch for many reasons: from ugly Upside Down creatures to emotional rollercoasters that break your heart. But the real horror, kids, is Will Byers' hairstyle choices.

Honestly, it seems that with each new season, Stranger Things is competing with itself in making Will look more miserable than before. The notorious bowl cut haunts fans in nightmares just like Vecna does.

Well, it turns out that Noah Schnapp, the star behind the younger Byers, hates the haircut as much as we all do.

Speaking at The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Schnapp revealed that he keeps asking the Stranger Things creators to change Will's look all the time. The young actor even joked that Will could "maybe shave his head," or do literally anything else with the hairstyle.

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According to Noah, this haircut is "one of the worst" things on television. Still, as of season 4, the creators never listened to him, continuing to torture the poor boy with the bowl cut.

Their reasons? Seems like the Duffers believe that the hairstyle is "of the times," since Stranger Things takes place in the 80s. However, Schnapp begs to differ.

"That's what they say, but then I talked to my parents and they lived in the '80s," Schnapp told Insider in another interview. "They said they weren't 16 with that haircut, so I don't know."

Schnapp seems so keen on persuading the Stranger Things creators that Will's look needs a drastic change, like, right now, that he even jokes he's going to compile a PowerPoint presentation with other potential 80s haircuts for his character.

Well, the young actor may want to hurry up, because Stranger Things only has one season left before it bids adieu. Season 5 is currently on halt due to the ongoing writers' and actors' strikes, so the premiere date is yet to be scheduled, and the shooting is yet to start.

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