Noah Schnapp Had to Practically Beg Stranger Things Writers to Change This Will Detail

Noah Schnapp Had to Practically Beg Stranger Things Writers to Change This Will Detail
Image credit: Netflix

Noah Schnapp, who plays Will Byers on the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, has finally opened up about his hatred for Will's trademark haircut.

The 15-year-old actor shared in an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that he would love it if he didn't have to wear the style as part of his character's '80s look.

The show, which has immediately propelled Schnapp into the spotlight, portrays Will as the quiet one among his close group of friends in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana.

The first season sees him mysteriously vanishing before being rescued, only to become possessed by the Upside Down's Mind Flayer in the second season, and become crucial in the battle against the monster in the third.

As Noah and Fallon were discussing the show's fourth season, the late-night host produced a picture of Will's bowl cut, asserting it as "one of the best things on television."

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But Schnapp quickly objected, revealing how he hates the haircut and is always asking the studio's hair and makeup department to alter his look.

Schnapp then jokingly asked Fallon whether everyone in the 80s were really sporting those do's, to which Fallon produces another still, this time of himself as a child, yet sans bowl cut.

Fallon also took the time to prod Schnapp about his meeting with Zendaya, bringing out a printout of Schnapp's Instagram photo holding the Spider-Man actress at the People's Choice Awards in November, with the very The Tonight Show's host in the background.

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The first season 4 trailer didn't show any of the Hawkins kids, leaving it's up for speculation about what Will and his friends will look like in the new season.

While it's unlikely that Schnapp's request for a change of hairdo will be granted given Stranger Things ' 1980s aesthetics, the series could surpass this decade and spill over into the 1990s, potentially allowing Schnapp a stronger case.

Schnapp has basically taken audiences by surprise by revealing his dislike of Will Byers' bowl cut hairstyle on Stranger Things, which remains iconic to the show's aesthetic.

While Schnapp may dislike the style, it may be well-established enough to remain a part of his character's image... whether we like it or not.